Can anyone explain America's support for Israel?

Hi, this is my first time posting in a while.

The idea for posting this article came to me as I have been doing some Googling and reading about how the fate of an American politician can be decided by how much they support Israel. My question is, why? The US has plenty of other allies, including those with strong democratic traditions. No politicians are probed about their support for Italy, Sweden, Japan, India, etc.

I am also quite curious as to what posters from outside the United States think about the importance that the US places on Israel.

And yes, I am quite aware that Israel has been militarily threatened by her neighbors for the last 60 years. Thing is, is that Israel seems to win every conflict it’s engaged in, often in a lopsided manner (Six Day War). There have also been a few African countries that have constantly dealt with invasion; where was their support?

Well we certainly aren’t going to support the guys strapping bombs on their 5 year old sons/daughters and sending them into pizza parlors.

That’s true, and I do believe that Israel has the moral high ground in their conflict. But does the US really need to be devoting so much attention to this particular part of the world? I haven’t seen any support for the Sri Lankan Government against the Tamil Insurgency for instance.

I kind of agree, I personally wish we’d stay out of it. Just let the idiots destroy each other for all I care. If Israel decides to get serious the Palestinians will be wiped out.

I imagine at least part of the reason is Israel is viewed as an important ally strategically.

I ask the same thing about the US involvement in most foreign affairs and why they always use the same bullshit lines like “protecting freedom” or “preserving democracy”. Riiiiight

Misinformed false Christians who still consider the restoration of the Jewish nation to be god’s will and required for the second coming of the Messiah.

WWII and guilt is the reason.

And on the other side you have jihadist retards that think they’ll get a bunch of virgins to fuck if they blow up their own daughter on a bus.

As far as I understand the reasons:

  1. Strategic location: Israel is close to the arab nations where the US buys their oil from.
  2. Strategic location: Israel is geographically important for missile shields
  3. I think there are a lot of isreali/jewish people in the US, many in banking or politics
  4. The US was part of the coalition forces in WW2, and made a deal with the Jews for the recognition of Israel so the US would have an ally in the Middle East

Again, these are my views - I could be wrong. I don’t understand much of the US-Israel relationship.

I’m curious how this thread will work out. Obviously comments like above are pretty superficial. The US is protecting their own interests, Israel happens to be one of them (not Sri Lanka, or some other conflict place).

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i think a better question is why wouldn’t the US support israel? considering location, the general pro-american stance of israelis, foreign investment and, of course, america’s role historically with the founding of israel it’s seems obvious why they’re probably our closest ally other than britain.

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I dont care if the States is friends with Israel. At least its nice to know they’re friendly with one non christian country

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