Can anyone explain this?


#1 @09:15:12

Did fei long do the ultra too late? (uhm it clearly looked like an OS so im kinda meh) or did yun actually cancel his late recovery frames of his backdash into ex upkicks?


I’m going to guess he was just too late with the meaty clk OS ultra. Yun player recovered in the start up frames of the ultra and then used the ex upkicks invince to get out.


ill assume that is the most likely case to explain what happened, otherwise we would start here a discussion in whether if it’s possible or not to cancel the last frames of your backdash into an invincible move and who else has it


Yeah it was a late Cr. LK OS Ultra. Kazunoko’s backdash was almost finished when the flash hit so EX Upkicks invincibility got him out.


Fei Long wasn’t late ! It was the good OS timing but Kazunoko find that we can cancel the backdash with nishoukyaku or U1. Try this in training mode, this is possible even against Ultra with fast start up like Cammy’s U1.


Trying it right now, definitely a mistimed OS. My Fei clk OS ultra is hitting the backdash every single time. Tried timing the backdash>EX Upkicks and mashing it. Looking at the video, Yun is clearly much further through his backdash than he should be for a well timed OS.


I think Yun can definitely do something weird with his backdash, I went into training mode Yun vs Yun and set the dummy to sweep then do OS lp lunge. If I tried to backdash and block then I got hit because I didn’t recover in time to block but if I backdashed then DP’d (or ultra or any special move for that matter) instead of blocking then I recovered in time for the DP to come out. Not sure why this happens.


Most back dashes and forward dashes can have some of their later frames canceled.


cool, thanks I never knew this