Can anyone give comments on my performance on a match?



I’m on the right side.

Basically I need you guys to tell me what you think about my performance on the match, especially the parts on what I need to improve in my gameplay. Watching it myself gives me only some ideas, but I need the advice of others with more experience in this game.

Thanks in advance.

First 3 matches has me losing, last 3 matches won. I did some glaring obvious mistakes; please point that out too anyway.

By the way, the PS3 this was played on did not have any of the patches, so basically throws can be teched by mashing f.H :confused:


I think you’re probably a lot better than the theory fighters you are trying to ask for advice.




I only watched the first 4 and it didn’t look like you were doing anything horribad aside from match up stuff like not respecting dive kick (dont air reset wolv, it’s not worth the risk) or the priority of nova box dash H. Also, don’t do anything when they have XF3 ESPECIALLY don’t call assists. Just run the fuck away.

You weren’t getting bodied or anything so it’s hard to say what you’re looking for advice wise.


Yeah you were playing reeally solid, just some bad decisions in the first 3 at the end. Challenging/dashing under divekicks, trying to stay on the ground and block xf nova lol. But honestly I think you can get a lot more mileage out of Felicia, strider, ammy. Because you have ammy 2nd and your basically just going solo with her and strider does work with coldstar assist. Also ammy is really good with X factor 3, she can comeback on whole teams with no XF if you’re patient enough. I also think you can utilize cold star more with Felicia, especially in reset situations… just my opinion


With Felicia i noticed that you use her command grab rarely and you didn’t use her helper hc(don’t know the name though sorry :’[ )
With Amie I noticed that you didn’t use her counters, and you didn’t use her slow down HC.
With Strider i didn’t see you pull off his simple BnB.
With your game play i never saw you doing a TAC, cross over counter, or snap backs.
Your a pretty solid Felicia player keep up the good work.
(I hope that this helped in some way lol)
Not to many people do the TAC loop these days, but i think it could help you out.


You are actually legit


I acknowledge this too, I know that the correct order is actually Felicia-Strider-Ammy in this case. However my Strider sucks so bad I swear :confused: I’ve done that team order before and it isn’t working well for me. Maybe it’s different now that I’m a bit better than before, idk? I’ll probably try this order again.

Also I actually use Vajra to keep everything I do almost, if not, safe, for both Felicia and Ammy.

Oh how darn right you are… I’m just traumatized in using Cold Star right now because back in vanilla, I was like getting HB’d 95% of the time I called Cold Star. Also I have this tendency to only press :a2: and nothing else, I should also remedy that.
I still get HB’d pretty often now though, like you saw, and I’m working on remedying that too.

Hmm… is it really a solid choice to keep going for the command grab though? I know it’s there, but a lot of guys here in my area jump like mad, it’s actually hard to get it.
However, going back to some statement above, I’m just underutilizing Cold Star here. I should go for the lockdowns more often with Felicia. I’m not used to the lockdown pressure play just yet and actually prefer the left right and frame trap type of play.
Same with Kitty Helper; I know it’s perfect with Cold Star. This is something I want to try incorporating to my gameplan.

Now that I think about it, the main reason why I don’t play the lockdown game with Felicia is because many of the players in my area are of the offensive type, it’s hard to actually keep them down. You’ll notice in this particular match the guy was using 3 really offensive characters.
If I see a defensive player, I’ll try using Cold Star more, it seems like the best option.
Also, Felicia counters huge characters big time due to helper, I need to remember that as well.

It’s kinda hard to remember that the counters are there especially if you main the glaive. Especially against stuff like Magneto. It might work better against Wolverine though, I’ll take your word for that.
And yes I actually would also like to use Veil of Mist a bit more especially since I have Ammy on middle to use so much meter. I just, you know, feel that super jumping and then casting it is kind of a really poor way of doing it and wastes so much time, I actually run out of time to open the opponent up. I’m so horrible at this orz :confused:

My Strider barely even landed a hit in this game derp… Speaking of which, which BnB are you talking about? I use 3 BnBs for him.

I never saw the need to do any of those in this match at least.


What TAC loop??? Huh? I don’t even know what that is lol?



I tried to quote ya but i am not familiar with the system yet since this my 3rd day on SRK lol.

1.) TAC Loop


TAC Loop is actually not known to alot of players, but i will describe it the best way i can.
As Felicia launch, super jump, jH, TAC up/down(character now switches to strider) as Strider comes onto the screen perform DP-H, then Relaunch, super jump, jH, TAC up/down(Character switches to felicia) as Felicia comes down onto the screen perform her delta kick, launch, TAC and strider comes back in. That is the TAC loop which swaps two characters back and forth :smiley:

2.) Command grabs


I am guessing your familiar with tick throws right? well you can tick throw with the command grabs too :slight_smile: you know have your opponent in block stun with s. L then command throw its quite effective.

3.) Kitty Helper


I am glad you know its good with amy cold star, but it has another function to keep your opponents from jumping while being in block stun :3 if your opponent jumps while you do a tick throw they will dodge the command grab, but they will most likely get hit by the kitty helper, and even guard the kitty helper this leaves you in the position to do a very difficult to block set up.

4.) Counters with Ammy.


well i used to play Ammy, and did this little mind game. while opponent is in block stun FH, FH, FH, FH, DpL(counter), just passing it on. Also the counters can come in handy if your opponent is too aggressive.

  1. Ammy’s Slow down.

I want suggest to Dhc after ammy’s Slow down HC into Strider’s QCB HC, but since you don’t like to use that HC i guess it’s pointless

  1. TAC, Cross over counters, Snap backs.

With the TAC Loop i just went over with you it should be easier to get meter, but while doing the TAC loop, you can do a snap back instead of launching again. With that new tactic you will gain one meter from the TAC, and lose one meter with the snap-back.
The Reason I want you snap back your opponents character is because you can finish off/weaken your opponents anchor. Which makes your opponent change their thoughts about their game plan.
Cross over Counters i just wanted to mention so you remember all your option.

  1. Strider BnB(that i know)

I was just speaking my mind at the time sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways here are two common BnB

  1. You need your satellite out before you begin this combo :stuck_out_tongue:
    jH, cr. M, st. H, f. H, dpL, qcb~s, qcs, L,M,H, dpM, dash, st. S, jM, jM, jH, jS, QcHC.
  2. j.H, cr. m, st. H, f. H, st. s, j. m, j. m, j. H, qcL, j.m, j.m, j.h, qcL, st. s, j.m, j.m, j.h, j.s, QcHC
    could you tell me your mine?

I hope this information helped you in anyway. thanks for reading later :slight_smile:


It looks like a way just to sneak in both bounces in one combo… hmm.

If you look closely that’s actually what I do, but with c.L instead

Hmm… I like that. I’ll try that.

You don’t say?

Ouroboros is a bit too meter costly, don’t you think? My Ammy isn’t necessarily a battery…

Hmm… now that I think about it, Nova is actually the only remotely good anchor in his team. True.

The 2 you posted are actually the 2 I use too lol.

The other one I use:

starter->magic series->:s:->sjf->j.:m: xx djf -> j.:h: -> j.:s: -> QCB+:s: -> QCB + :s: -> dash -> s.:m: -> s.:H: -> c.:H: -> f.:H: -> :s: -> sjf -> j.:m: -> j.:m: xx djf -> j.:h: -> j.:s: -> QCF+:atk:+:atk:


You seem to be a very good player!

One thing I noticed that I don’t think has been mentioned is that you should avoid calling assists when the enemy has only one character left. You don’t need to open them up, you can just time the out or capitalize on their mistakes.


Nothing about the Kitty Helper or the TAC into snap-back lol jk
With the TAC that i posted earlier it isn’t ussually performed by characters you use. It’s Meant for character’s with air dashes so when telling that info earlier i was trying to improvise, and make you understand the basic mechanics of it. You can TAC up to six times before your opponent will drop out of the combo, and if you practice this in the lab i bet you can find some nifty stuff.
Btw my bad for missing your tick-grab lol

Edit: Thanks for sharing the strider combo i will give it a try :smiley:


I’m gonna remind myself of this constantly…

I still blame my cannot-stop-pressing-assist-button disease. Trying to remedy it…


Took another look over the video, i missed some impressive stuff with that ammy lol. I was watching your video while studying for my finals so i missed a couple of things. Your game play is very solid, just snap-back, and fix your not using assist disease, and i can see you playing in tournaments.


You mean not-using-other-assist disease, probably.


yes i meant to say that. sorry about that lol. Nice chatting with you later.


damn i can’t believe that guy beat you three times he doesn’t even look that good. Your strider was shit, but at least your felicia was decent. I never saw you use a wall cling in the match!!

I hate polite guys like you >.< although i have to give you credit that you have paw in your name, but still you talk like a weak gamer


lol i am polite, because the community ask that of it’s members. I am a decent gamer actually, and Thanks about the paws comment i guess


i just actually read over your comments i guess your below average, but what ever. what ever you made me laugh. Good advice though hope this gamer listens to it though. Later!


Yeah I know that, he’s actually the weakest in my team right now.