Can anyone help a noob get better with the pad?

im new to the shoryken forums and i just got marvel for the ps3, but i have been playin the game since it came out but ive been playing on a stick or a keyboard so thats what im used to and ive never played on the pad before till now and frankly i suck with the pad. so my question is that is there anyway that i could get better on the pad, like are there any techniques or things i could to get better on the pad? :sweat:

practice i guess… not the answer you wanted I bet… but da truth.

like in training mode, online mode or what? like what specifics could i do to get better without all this advanced shyt like AVHB, rom, fastfly/unfly and that advanced shyt. what could i do to get better at the basics cuz i noticed that this game dosent really use things like footsies. so i wanna kno what basics could i know to learn the game better

I dunno… I was always used to marvel on stick… but played so many other things on pad that I guess it seemed natural… all I can off is that if you are good at hitting any two of the 4 main buttons at the same time with 1 thumb yer fine. Just be accurate with the inputs. Not always easy to do some stuff like X + Triangle on pad… but if you got long thumbs its not bad. Also some people’s thumbs aren’t wide enough to do PP or KK w/out rotating a bit… which will make it a lot harder. Play mahvel on a stick if at all possible… It’s classic.

First of all, since youre new to the pad, you want to go to training mode and look at the button configuration. Practice in training mode with pretty much every character, and work on button timing. Learn to wave dash on the pad, which is a huge plus with MvC2. Also, airdash and fly modes. Work on aerial wave dashing as well, to get the feel of playing on pad. Once you got that down, youre basically back to your previous level of skill (which never left) and can execute the same combos that you do on arcade and such, on the pad now. There are a couple of flaws, like what Madtitan said. Work on certain executions, like pressing 2 buttons at once to perform certain moves ex: IronMan smartbomb, Storm lightning attack or simply tagging out. Also, work on directional inputs. Go to the command list for each character, and practice doing moves. This is something that I have kinda perfected over the years, because I knew that it would be harder to do qtc’s and all, on the pad than on the stick. So, thats another thing to really practice on…

do you got PSN?