Can anyone help me get better on MK Xbox 360?

Hello, im new to the MK series and would like someone to please help me on Xbox360. If your willing my GT is AccelerationZ. Please add me.

Yeah, i can. Just find me whenever I’m on.

Whats your gamertag?

Oh, sorry I’m used to the old shoryuken layout where it just shows it, it’s bunsofstone

Its saying theres no one named bunsofstone. Can you add AccelerationZ?

Add me. Gamertag is StrizzMatik, I main Smoke/Sub/Sektor/Cage.

i’ll play you sometime. gt: beeffstick. ill be using someone else’s account. i’m normally on during the afternoons from like 12-3 ish in that range. i maybe i’ll play some of you tomorrow.

I’ll add you. My gamertag’s EternityInBlack.