Can anyone help me get better?

Ssf4 is the first fighting game that I have ever taken seriously. I have had it since it first came out and no matter how much I practice, it seems like I do not get any better
If anyone can add me on psn and spank me up a whole lot and show me what I should do to get better will be very much appreciated. My psn is Buttcrackoe. I main makoto btw. I also play almost everyday. I want to just become a average player at least. Lol

I am in the same boat as you but I’m on xbox, I need someone who I can fight against and give me tips. Good luck on finding someone, I’d help if I was on PSN but like I said I’m on xbox.

GT=nopunchespulled if anyone can help me out

If you are new to ssf4 I STRONGLY reccommand you dont use makoto as a starting char.

PopTags08, you may add me. I suck at SF because I can’t beat Justin Wong, but I may be able to help.

hit me up on psn, ill play a few rounds when i can.

Crap -_- lol i use makoto and SSf4 is my first fighting game i really started playing then again i cant really use anyone else fml


The best thing you can do is find locals you can play with and learn from. You’ll get a lot more out of it than online play. Check out the regional matchmaking section (Florida is in Atlantic South). Miami has a pretty decent scene so take advantage of it.

What’s wrong with Makota as a starting character? When I first got the game I picked Crimson Viper, who is all I play as now.

ignore the…dont use makoto comments. If you are persistent and willing to try and make her work then keep going. You just have to have dedication. Learn her set ups (counter hits/kara-karakusa/etc).

Just know the road you chose is a much more difficult one so don’t expect becoming average until way more time has passed.

you wont get better by having someone of greater skill dominate you. It seems like the level you are at you need to stay in training mode get your links/combos and timing tighter than a pair of skinny jeans,because if you cant execute in matches any knowledge of matchups and general tactics wont help you. i know for new players the thought of sitting in the training room for hours seems like a serious bore but its necessary.

PS: to the guy above me “lane” if that is your real PSN name i am SOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS

hit me up i800SHUTUPNDIE
i could use someone to practice with

Damn Shikamaru38, Naruto fan eh? I’d like to play you at Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja storm 2 when that comes out. Until then, we can play a few on PSN with SSF4.


or KillerMontage. most likely KillerMontage is the one I’ll be on mainly. or I’ll just hit you up.

Practice, practice, practice :china:

got ur invite but i was playing MW2 and falling asleep. ill accept it later when i get home frmo work

If anyone wants to train hit me up on either psn or xbox. I really want to improve my dudley, guile and rog.

You guys can add me too. BigOleon on XBL and gatsu_leon on PSN. I need some guidance. I just moved to a new area and dont know a soul to play with and XBL is probably my only way of getting to fight people that are decent. I practice all the time but like Bruce lee says, “boards dont hit back” lol