Can anyone help me make a arcade stick for the PS3


Hi all, this is my first post on the forum, i really require your expertise on making myself a arcade stick for the ps3 i don’t have any knowledge of making one. i have done a bit of research and i think there are ways of making it from a PS3 controller which i dont want to do. i want to build wireless if that’s possible i have heard of this thing called chutulu pcb emm im not sure how that works and why it uses a phone cable that if it does use it, i wanna make the arcade stick without soldering as im wont be very keen on that. i also live in the u.k so if you know any supliers who are in u.k that can sell the parts to me would be great. if theres any one who can help me make one i really appreciate it as iv done queit alot of research but havent had much luck.

Thanks for the advice


Well, if you want wireless, your best bet is to get a get an AXisdapter which can be found here:

All you do is open up a compatible DS3 and Sixaxis controller and connect the ribbion to the adapter. Then you can just feed wires into the terminal to crimp quick disconnects on them so you don’t need any soldering.


^ what he said above
You can also get the axisdapter from and a cheap sixaxis PCB from here:
I did mine about 4 months ago and it’s still one of my best sticks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help on what to do but i need the seller to be u.k, and is there any one who can give me a step by step guide please i really want to make one.


There are plenty of guides available already on how to do this. You say you’ve done your research, but you obviously haven’t looked in the sticky threads enough. Spend more time reading, then come back and post specific questions if you still need help.


yeh, what i really need is to know what wire goes were basically were to mount the wires and get the parts from which needs to be U.K unforchantly i haven’t stumbled over some of these aspects so i was wondering if you can help.



^^stuff above, esp, wil help you. For a UK supplier of arcade parts try Gremlin Solutions

Sadly no one in the UK seems to sell premade empty cases, so you might have to tool up and make your own or suck it up on shipping costs and get one from the US.


hi sorry for keep on bothering you lot, emm i really don’t have much knowledge on making one maybe sone one can give me a direct link to were it can show me this wire goes here and this wire goes here and what parts i require like joystick, ps3 pcb, how many buttons, wires to clips every thing really im not too bothered on buying a case ill hopefully be able to make one my self.

I’m not too keen with all this so it like learning to walk for me :slight_smile:


It’s already been posted is the most comprehensive guide there is


if you are still confused after going through slagcoins guide thoroughly , you might just want to buy a premade stick instead of making your own


^ This.

Buy a premade stick, take it apart and see how it works. Or take the time to read the links you’ve been given.


Axis adaptor thread

Get the assembled one. Basically for every button you hook up a wire to the labeled points. Then for the other button terminal you chain the wires those up to the common.


Closest thing to a Lego arcade stick, everything just plugs into place. If this still confuses you, with every point labeled for you, buy a pre-modded one, look at the trading outlet.
I want to make a stick out of Legos now. Does this gdlk invention exist yet?


Thank You, i now wanted to know what the silver metal/steel wire stick things with a middle thing what’s that?



Those bands read Gray, Red, Red, Gold.
So they are 8.20k Ohms.


hi i wanted to know where i can buy ps3 pcb boards from or will i have to but the controller and then take it apart?


Check aggrastat’s thread in the Trading Outlet, he sells them for 25 bucks.


since you are from UK try this too