Can anyone help me mod a TE stick in Toronto/Markham/Scarborough area?

Hey guys. I want to get my te stick modded.
Nothing crazy. just want new custom art and maybe the ball top changed.

IS anyone here that can help me? and howmuch do you charge?

with a tutorial, a few tools, and a bit of intuition you could totally do it yourself.
Check Art Hong has super good stuff to help you replace your art, and you can get custom ball tops from

Heroes World thread

If you can goto a casual mainly on Wednesdays then they are plenty of people there that will be more than glad to help. The owner, Jon(coolasice) stocks up on parts while Wun Ya(Chowwun) does dual mods.

As for the things you wanna do, they’re simple, either get a ball top from HW(locally) or online(lizardlick or akihabarashop) then unscrew the bottom of your stick so you that you can use a flat head screw driver to lock the stick shaft to remove or tighten the ball top on.
As for graphics, find the thread here in the tech section for the stick you have and there should be a tutorial/template there. Once you’re ready to print, The Printing House does some good stuff which I got now for my Q3 and VLX:
11x17" label paper with Lamination($7)
High Quality Vinyl Print($25)