Can anyone help me out?

I’m real new at this whole stick building thing so if anyone could give me links or maybe even make a shopping cart full of the parts I need from a legit site, it would be really cool of you. I already bought all of the wood I need and plexiglass, I’m just pretty stumped on what wire and quick disconnects I need and where to buy them.

I want Sanwa parts…all red.

If anyone has a custom stick that they have made with all Sanwa parts that they would like to sell me, please let me know because I will probably buy one off you if it means having a stick to play on sooner then trying to build one. Thanks a lot.

If im not mistaken

i should have:

1x Red Ball-top

6x 30mm Sanwa buttons (Snap-in’s)

i’ll have to go check and get back to you

You will need .110 quick disconnects for the Sanwa buttons. You can get them off EBay for cheap.

For the stick you need .187 quick disconnects unless you use the 5-pin connector. The disconnects are also cheap on EBay or you can get them from Radio Shack (more expensive but you won’t need to buy in bulk.

You can get the wires from Radio Shack as well. Any gauge will work, but I think somewhere along the lines of 18 to 22 gauge is what most people use.

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