Can anyone help me with GGPO?


I have been trying to get this to work for the past 4 hours…this crap is ridiculous. Single player sf: 3rd strike works fine. I get online into a lobby and challenge somebody and it GGPO opens up with a black screen. I set my router to DMZ mode…a guy in the lobby said my ports were open and I might not have the correct rom/savestate.

I have the sfiii3n japanese rom. I really dont know what to do here. I have a static ip…I tried opening ports manually but couldn’t figure out the 2nd DNS entry. Help anyone?


google ggpo street fighter tres, rest should be pretty straightforward


Check your messages.

Also, we have a GGPO forum here.


Ok got it working but laggy as hell! Where does the Leatrixlatencfix.rar go? Do you extract it or leave it in the rar and what folder does it go in?


I don’t know what the consequences are for discussing roms on this forum, so PM me is you want help.


Leatrix latency patch may or may not actually do anything. but you unzip it and then run the application, then restart your computer.


Moving to the correct forum. =]