Can anyone help me with learning Skullgirls(Xbox360)?

Hey all I’m new here and I recently got into Skullgirls, I don’t have past experience in fighters, of course I’ve played before but not on a competitive level, but I would like to get pretty good at skullgirls and I just dont have the fundamentals for fighting games, so i was hoping someone could help me out, thank you!

To be honest Skullgirls on xbox is dead because everybody is waiting for the patch that PSN has already had for more than 3 months.

^ There is a chance the patch will come out in the next week or two.

Yeah I heard about that. I’m sure it will pick up significantly afterwards though. Also don’t double post your threads man. Just one works fine.

If you’re looking for a person to teach you online, use the online matchmaking section.

You might also try one of the stickies in the Skull Girls section.

Also, please don’t spam the same post all over the forum. It drives the mods nuts.