Can anyone help me with learning Skullgirls(Xbox360)?

Hey all I’m new here and I recently got into Skullgirls, I don’t have past experience in fighters, of course I’ve played before but not on a competitive level, but I would like to get pretty good at skullgirls and I just dont have the fundamentals for fighting games, I really like Filia, and Valentine and even Parasoul is cool so if you could help me with the basics for these characters, or just the game itself would be fantastic, thanks in advance!

I’d be willing to help you out. I don’t have much knowledge of Valentine, but I can teach you the basics with Filia and Parasoul. Whats your gamertag?

Awesome! My gamertag is Oh Turano, I greatly appreciate it

I’ll be on around 3pm PST today -and most days-

that works for me, I usually work till 6pm EST, so add me when you get a chance and then hopefully we can play tonight

Domo is really good specially as double, kicks my ass all the time. But he if any one will be good at teaching you the boot camp basics

well thats good haha, you should also add me on Xbox, the more people I have to practice against the better

Will do bro my gamertag is yanimotch420 I usually play solo fortune but I’m always down for trying different characters

Awesome, like I said I’ll be home around 6pm EST so I’ll add you once I’m home

Cool, I won’t be on tonight but will be on tomorrow

Sounds good, you’ll probably kick my ass but whatever lol