Can anyone help me with reformatting?


is there a way to reformat and reinstall windows without the disk copy of windows?


I think Dell computers have a built in something or another to reformat with, other than that, I don’t think you can do it without a disc.


If you reformat, you’re gonna lose data. Make sure you’ve backed everything up.

Also, reformatting = wiping windows. You’ll need a windows install CD.

Your laptop might have come with a partition with windows installer loaded onto it. If thats the case, you can wipe your current partition, boot from the installer, and then reinstall.


how do i check for another partition, would it show in my computer?


What brand is your computer?


Some computers that you buy will have a “recovery partition”, generally hidden.

The easiest way to figure it out is to check your screen while your computer goes through it’s POST (while it’s booting), look along the bottom or top of the screen to see if you have a boot menu, or recovery menu (generally they’re either F4, or F12). If it does, go through with the recovery if that’s an option, if not, your SOL.

I’d also like to point out that a quick google search could have solved this.


it would look like this on ‘MyComputer’


You can format your HDD from the Bios on certain models of motherboards, or you can download Free Dos, make a boot disk (or usb drive, or floppy if you are still using floppy a drive), boot to free dos, and format from there.

And you can install windows through the LAN, but that’s a bit tricky… I guess that if you are asking this, you are probably not very familiar with LAN based installs.

But if you have a valid windows license, you can just download a iso of the windows CD and install from it using your license key. I don’t understand why would you like to install windows without the CD.

(If you don’t have a valid lic key, and you’d like to go the pirate way, then just DL a cracked copy, and install from it… the official CD won’t be necessary for that.)


you could check out linux too…for free :wink:


i have a sony vaio nw series if anyone else has one that knows anything


well you could always just borrow the same version thats on the windows sticker that came on your laptop (usually on the bottom), which has your key on it.

any OEM disc of the same version will work, be it from dell or anywhere else. you might have to hunt drivers down though.


Sony’s support page has instructions on how to recover the various models they sell. Did you check there first?


Wish I had thought of this three days ago…before I went and bought a new os suite from ebay. Only cost me $60, and I can resell it but damn I feel stupid. I went to compaq’s site and it told me step by step how to recover from the partition. Crappy thing is, I have to wait to sell the suite now so I can get an external hdd to back up my shite. If I never get another virus it will be too soon. Thanks MM!