Can anyone help with soldering off Hori EX2 A and B buttons? (pictures inside)

Hey guys, I’m modding my Hori EX2 and have not been able to desolder the A and B buttons off. My soldering job is terrible i know, mainly because i’ve been trying to desolder this thing for like 2 hours. I can’t get the remaining solder off, i have a desolder braid and that’s not helping.

It seems like the solder is actually inside the hole and no matter how long i hold the tip there it’s not melting and allowing me to move the pcb or suck it up. :-/ Any help or insults to lighten my mood are welcome.

clean the tip of your iron with steel wool and re-tin it. also a de-soldering pump would work a lot better then the solder wick.

I have a pump as well, and was able to get most of what was there gone. I haven’t tried cleaning the tip… Could that be the problem? I’ve only really used it for a few hours.

i solved my problem. what happened was i wasn’t tinning my solder properly from the start, and when i did, i had too much solder on that fell deep into the hole between the board and button. I was able to fix it by Using a Desoldering braid and getting it into the hole and heating it to suck up the solder. I also found that using the desoldering braid as a “cushion” between the board and the soldering iron and pushing against the joint when you have very little solder left will help loosen it as well.

Hope this helps anyone in the future searching for this :slight_smile:

U dont need a pump to de solder stuff. just melt the solder and flick it off the iron than repeat

Get a solder sucker too?

Make sure you’re poking the right part… solder liquidizes pretty quickly with the solder irons.

For the hori pcbs, I just heat and gently pull up, so long as you don’t pull too hard you’ll be fine.