Can anyone HONESTLY say there is a better character in SF4 than Akuma?

I mean, seriously…

Can they? If they look into their hearts, they know the answer is no.

I main Akuma primarily and I do enjoy playing him the most out of the whole cast. With the mix-ups and strategy that emcompasses him as a character in the Street Fighter IV universe, in my opinion, I do think he’s the best. But nonetheless, it is only within our opinions that we feel he is. I play with a wide range of players (other than online) and everyone has their own tastes and opinions. Let’s not forget that us saying that Akuma is the best is just OUR opinion. Right?

gladdin cmon man i know you know better than this.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Sagat gets ridiculous damage for so little work, I would say no.

When you play against a good Akuma player,who understands how to actually use the character - You quickly realise why Capcom gave him such little health. Runaway,backwards jumping,air fireball throwing Akuma’s are free wins. He is a very good character though i agree. I might use him in Super.

^considering a good portion of the cast has a way to punish air and regular fb’s jump back or not I’d say if you can’t get around fb’s you are kinda fail…Akuma’s real strength lies in his vortex and his ability to get up for free (teleport) but even that can be baited and punished hard…I’d say they gave him such low health because his ease to combo and do big dmg with very little meter…

Yes, I can.

Akuma is my second character, Gouken being my main, but Ryu is way, way better.
Ryu does not require you to know anything about him or the game, just herpderp > ultra.
Ryu does obscene damage off simple combos.
And I could go on for days. Let’s hope Ryu has a 1/9 matchup in Super, though I don’t see that happening.

Sounds like you should read up on your Ryu-matchup, practice (since you get beat by Ryu-players not knowing anything), and stop wining :cool:

lol @ Ryu being way better than Akuma.

Anyway, no, Sagat is better, but Akuma and Ryu are right there. Sagat has way too much room for error and deals more damage than either of them.

I certainly think he is the coolest character by far…

I was referring to his greatness in all aspects, not just how he plays. Of course, IMO, nobody holds a candle to him both as a character AND the way he plays. Bison comes close, but nah.

Meh, I was drunk last night, but in all honesty I don’t. :frowning:

Look… guys… Akuma. Is a bad ass. He kills women and children first. But Sagat… well women and children kill themselves first for Sagat. I love Akuma as much as the next guy, but some times you just have to know when someone is better. So, yes. I can honestly say Sagat is better.

I’d say Akuma has the best tools and because of this is the most fun to play (for me). But combined with his bad health/stamina and in comparison to Sagat who can afford way more mistakes and his ability to deal big damage / setup ultra he’s not the “best character” as asked in the headline of the thread.
Let’s say: With perfect defense Akuma he’s the best. :wink:
At least… regarding Street Fighter’s story this should be like that. :smiley:

You cannot tell me that you are honestly this misinformed about Street Fighter 4.

You cannot tell me you are honestly this surprised about herpderp’s comment. lol

I don’t really like free wins, so there are many characters I would prefer to fight against than Akuma. :stuck_out_tongue:

Taunting whiffed Raging Woman attacks = hilarious.

I’m not suggesting that Akuma is a tranny…

…but I’m not saying that he isn’t. :wink:

Like others said Akumas tools make him great in the right hands, but still 2 mistakes n hes done, Thats why Sagats got top billing in the tier dept, he can fuck up n still beat that ass, but Character wise, Akumas great, hes a awesome foil to ryu, whipped Bison in one shot, n his personality i think is something that can resonate alot with people in a competitive community…like just how far ARE you willing to go to be the best

Sorry have to agree with Prado here. Extremely easy for Ryu to win without putting in huge hours in the game.

you guys might be all high level so maybe that’s all posh to you. But in Lowly G3 and emerging G2, RYU has 6 ways to land his ultra!!! Way too frickin easy. racks up wins like nobodies business.

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