Can anyone hook me up with a job?

Okay, so I’ve been at Trader Joe’s now for over a year, and it’s definitely getting old. I used and SRK connection to get it, so maybe you guys can hook a brotha up.

I am good with anything technical, and I can learn fast. I’m good with arcade sticks, and can make superguns and restore arcade hardware. I think I am very good on the phone, but I am admittedly a horrible salesman.

I wouldn’t mind working in the game industry, but I am looking for anything that has a decent wage and some benefits would be nice. Help me escape retail, PLEASE.

Yeah, not exactly a “hook up” in the traditional sense, there…

No hookup here, the state is making cuts all over the place. I would recommend you look at any and all entry level tech jobs, such as IT.

Maybe if you wanted to work in Everett… Pretty fuckin’ dramatic workplace though, I can’t recommend it. I dunno if we’re hiring either. Damn the recession!

What is an example of an entry level job in IT? So I can search for it…

IT support, desktop support, it all involves some kind of support. They will never specifically mention servers or switches.

Forget Blake. Someone hook me up with a job.

how much IT exp do you have?

There are a few Tech openings at Nintendo. One for a service tech, the other product testing (not game tester). , bottom of page above the logo click the Corporate link.

Employment opportunites, select Washington state.


Nintendo is a great company to work for.

Word, your job sounds pretty cool, completely different from the horrible shit I hear from game testers.

LOL my bro was a game tester for a month…hated it after the 3rd day…but he can max out mario rpg on GBA like no other…hahhaha

Damn 6 people just got let go from the company I work for incl. my best friend… Times is tough. I’ll be in the next round of firings in a month or two if shit doesnt look up for them

I have been a tester at Nintendo. It is worse than working at fucking Burger King, and considering the reason I am trying to leave my current job has a great deal to do with respect, being a part timer at Nintendo would be the world’s BIGGEST STEP BACKWARDS. I was there around 11 months.

Worst fucking place to work ever. Maybe, MAYBE if you are fulltime you are treated differently, but I would find that incredibly hard to believe considering the scared deer in a headlight look most of the fulltimers in the testing department permanently have on.

Have you forgotten, or maybe never heard me go on anti-nintendo rants? There are HORRIBLE to their employees, they literally treat you like they are doing you a FAVOR by letting you work there, and they constantly remind you of how shitty and insignificant they find you.


Yeah, that is why I pointed out that Matt’s experience seems completely different from the game tester realm. Unless you rank up, horrible job.

Also, if you can build a computer, you can work in IT.

I’d say good troubleshooting skills and knowing how to Google gets you most IT experience.

I work at boeing IT through tek systems in bellevue. IT jobs on the phone are super easy to get because people leave them so often. I’d try through tek, apex or volt for some form of IT.