Can anyone link the with the flipkick?

can anyone link the crouching middle kick with the flipkick?
(that moves forward; it is an attack, not the escaping move)i can do it sometimes not all the time

Maybe it’s counter hit only.

After looking at the frame data, his is +1, and has 6 hitting frames. So unless you’re doing it meaty and/or counter hit(it goes form +1 to +4 on counter hit), that’s not even close to being a combo.

His flip kick hits on the 5th frame. That’s for the forward or roundhouse versions.

are you sure of that? i have done it hundreds of times. its really difficult to do and you have to do it REAAAAAAAAAL fast

Yes I’m sure it has to be done meaty.

Unless you’re just cancelling the damn thing.

I dunno bout c. MK but I know c. LK ya can, but yeah it prolly does have to be meaty.

his c. mk can link up with alot of moves, like his flying barcelona attack.

By default, his does not link with ANYTHING!!! 1 frame is just not enough.

could be an error of the game, couldnt it? but in street fighter alpha 3, vega’s has lots of linking too if that means something

in CE he could link that c. Mk of his :bgrin:

what is CE?


if you’re referring to DA -> F kick, then you’re best bet is to use C. MP and not MK.
In fact;
J. HP, DA MP, (NE) F HK is more damaging than the 7 hit roll attack combo.
I would have to say that that’s one of his more damaging combos.