Can anyone make a 3d image (autocad/maya/sketchup/etc) for me from dimensions?

As the title says, I’m looking for someone to just make a 3d model of a box from my drawing. I don’t know how long it will take but I assume not long. I have dimensions as well as hand drawn views of the box and can provide any information that is missing that I may have forgotten.

If you’re interested let me know how I can reach you.



i’ll take a crack at it? (please don’t be too complicated :sweat:)

I’m a Solidworks modeler. I can defintely crank it out for you. What file format do you need this in?

i wanna learn Solidworks. how did you get started? did you go to school for it?

Inventor for life! :rock:

I only say that because I’ve only had about 1 hour total worth of Solidworks time. Haha. But I do love Inventor. Very much so.

i can do anything building related

i’m a Sketchup scrub :sad: i’m too poor to buy any real programs. i did demo VX CAD/CAM but i completely sucked at it (and i had to frikking jump through hoops just to try it out. lady kept hounding me to buy it. i’m lying, she was pretty cool, but I DON’T HAVE SIX GRAND, LADY!).

why oh why can’t there be a good 3d program that has a learning curve as low as Sketchup?