Can anyone make an avatar for me?


I’d like to use this image of Sagat and basically make Sagat a medium/dark gray tone with dark maroon shorts and dark maroon bandages…

and the background can be left as is or you can do something fancy with it…just as long as it’s not all Las Vegas and flashy.


Bumpa Dump


give it 24 hours before you bump th thread… not everyone is online at the time you are…


hey bitch how bout this. i forgot what color your sagat had instead of the yellow. and i still need to fix the name in the corner. its a little blury


Was the other picture too hard to use?

and the belt was black with a black stripe going down the side of the shorts. and Sagat is more like a slate gray. :wink:

Anyways make the other one too if you can…I won’t make you pay for gas this friday


bitch what the fuck you talkin bout. me makin copys of the game are for the gas friday and the avatar is for the gas the next time. and ill try to get the other one for you