Can anyone make this AV! its just magneto people


can it be magneto but with cool magnetic powers coming from his hands and have his eyes sort glow with a cool sort of magnetic power too and have it say Dragon somewhere and have like cool magnetic type power stuff swirling around his body you don’t have do the last one but i just want to see how it comes out. Not animated either. Just really skillful art involved. Someone anyone do this. It would be ever so appreciated.


tahts the most original idea for an avatar also i mean who has magneto avatars


stfu, what was the point in that post man.

Anywho ill take this request ok dragon just gimme a while.


Yeah, really. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of AVs like that, but it’s what he wants. Goodness.


Im tired of your shit dude, you need to quit, its why you keep gettin banned. Stop trolling.

Dragon God, give me a mags sprite you want me to recolor and Ill do it.


wow thanx guys ill send you a sprite of magneto and i want to see how sab makes the av thanx really:D


Hey man ive finished your av just go to my thread for pick up. Just ask if ud like anything changing.


TigerGenocide i really appreciate it if you could find the mag sprite on where his hands are sort of glowing and recolor it him black and gold (body black, suit gold). thanx :smiley:


damn tg, dats a dope recolor, wat u use and how u do it?? cuz we ni tried that wit adobe ps7, i got a a diff result…


this one work?


thanx tiger gen you are the man too cool thanx so much omg it is soooooooo awesome. omgits the bomb.!!! i want to ask you for more omg. its so increadible realy i cant believe it wow. REally REAlly wow. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


just wanted to say nice av fobio.:cool:


thx, urs too, kep up teh good work