Can anyone Pocket Fighter-ize blanka for me?


Can anyone PocketFighter-ize blanka for me? :lovin: Basically a baby verison of blanka
You know in this kind of style


maybe when I get home to my scanner I could cook ya up somthin’.


Someone already has.

Someone named Efex on


dramatic music plays DUM-DUM-DUUUUUM!!!


Isn’t he in the stage in the bottom right corner of that picture? (not showing, but i know he’s in the stage).


Naaaw, he’s on the right. That’s Dhalsim on the right, swabbing the tiki hut.
Go Stretchy yoga man, go!

Yoga deckswab!


There you go:


that looks really good. the only thing that caught my attention is his left foot. i could only notice it when i looked up close though


Good stuff. Thanks for posting.

I checked SNK capcom but its no longer there.


THANKS! anyway you can make it Hi-res? or bigger?