Can anyone point me to a good case builder?

Heya guys, I just finished modding my SE stick, and the bug has already caught me, thus I need MORE! Or at least a second, but I’m not going to do a mod, I’m definitely going to build this one from scratch (since I basically paid $50 for an SE case and the 360 PCB. And since a PCB is ~$25 gutted, $25 for the plastic case is a bit outlandish). I just lack the woodworking skills and equipment to build a sexy wooden case, so I’m looking for a good case I can buy, either from an SRK member who makes them, or a plastic case I have in mind like this; Plastic Enclosures - New reduced pricing on standard enclosures, on-line ordering now available

I’m not likely going to use that, but if someone can point me in a good, economical wooden case, I’d like to find one. No artwork, please. Looking for something in the 10x8x2.5" range for the artwork. Nothing that can’t have the artwork fit on a piece of 8.5x11 piece of paper (leftover material from my mod). Anything similar to the SE case is excellent. Pre-drilled holes are a plus, but not necessary.

I think I can help…

I might not even mess this post up…

QCF Case - cheap - good construction - you customize it !
I’ve got 2 of these myself (a happ parts box and an 8 button case with plexi)

The other option… and my next purchase…
Voltech VAS-HG Elite - steel shell - solid construction - classy look - has plexi for custom art (wish someone would make a template forit, hehe)

There are also alot of those plastic craft kit cases that have been turned into sticks, and working with MDF isnt really hard, its the painting that I usually ruin… good luck and welcome to the addiction…

I actually have Sega lookalike templates for the VAS-HG if anyone’s interested.

Is there anything you cant do d3v ? =)

Make a good Mortal Kombat game.

Thanks for the welcoming. Had to get addicted in college, when money could be better spent on tuition… or food. Prolly will look into the QCF case. Not only for the better price point, but because I wouldn’t wanna ruin voltech’s DAMN sexy cases with the hackjob of art I had done on my mod.

Lol. XD

doesn’t building from scratch imply you would make the case yourself?

Touché. Would if I could. Honestly don’t have the skills or materials. The straight plastic case I posted would be “building” by drilling in my own holes and etc, but a prefabricated case would be nice.

QCFgaming are incredible but, they’re winding down or already done making them

Yeah, satek said he had enough materials for about 7 or 8 more sanwa cases, so I’m jumping on it.

As a bump, and an update, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting my hands on a QCFgaming case, but I’m still looking. Are there any other economical options out there?

Foe Hammer makes pretty affordable cases. Also I saw the guy named Shadoloo in the trader forums selling the case/plexy/mdf already cut for like 100 with a standard paint job. He even said he would drill the holes in the plexy/mdf for SRK members.


Whoa, Legos? Has someone done this? This would make my case building woes so much better ;X

Guess who.

obviously my signature says it all. Foe Hammer has the best cases money can buy.

Holy crap. Legos sound like a freaking great idea. I MUST do this. Eventually. Lol. Maybe not. I wanna make something even more creative and unheard of.

I like the matte black case, it looks like it has a slot for a Neutrik jack. Is this the case of this case? XD

If you can wait till after EVO and stuff, Art’s cases will become available in August.

Says they should be 50-60 USD, if they are that cheap I’d prolly pick on up for all my spare parts… and read the whole post, they dont have to be clear cases, the carbon fiber one is right nice as well.

NOTE: I didnt mean the case was made of carbon fiber, but rather its a trick under the plexi to make it look carbon.