Can anyone reccomend any good "Not-even-close to Mainstream" fighting games?

I had just managed to acquire a fighting game for my PC called Melty Blood React, and while I must say the character selection is a bit meh, the gameplay is really great, and especially deep (albeit a tad broken).

Would anyone else be able to reccomend any other fighting games that aren’t even CLOSE to mainstream yet have great gameplay and the like?

Breaker’s Revenge.

One Must Fall 2097. It’s for PC, it’s free for download, and it’s got that crazy SF2-with-air-combos vibe.

I’ll second that - “One Must Fall: 2097” is great despite its years. It was awesome when it showed up and it still is!

Breakers is cool. Also check out Dan Ku Ga and Asura Blade, both on mame.

Rabbit on Saturn. Total weirdness.

I’ve seen pics of this, looks crazy.

Try waku waku 7, total fun in a cute and bubbly wrapping.

Dual Blades

wins thread:encore:

Broken? You’re aware there are patches for that game, right?

Shaq Fu.

I second One Must Fall. But you have to have the Hyper and Rehit modes on.

A friend and I played over 100 matches of breakers revenge last night haha. My sho dominated his Tia.

its not all that great of a game but Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22 has similar playing to the SF games HCF type moves on the pad…for PS1


IMO, the directional motions for specials and supers are more like SNK. And then the similarities stop there.

I think it plays a bit more like a really old SNK game. Except with a fly mode and really huge arenas.

tmnt: the tournament fighters on snes

Daruka Tenshi
Asura Blade

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

When did that shot come out?

I was about to say that

good game

but I never got into the finer points

DBZ: Hyper Dimension.

The closest thing to SF + DBZ you’re going to get.