Can anyone recommend a good quality fightstick for the Xbox 360?


I was gonna buy the 360 HORI UMvC3 one but Amazon is out of stock now and I cant find it anywhere else, could anyone recommend another one?


How much are you willing to spend? Be prepared to pay around £150/$200 for a high quality stick. I personally own a TE and a Qanba Q4RAF, both are great but right now I’m loving the Qanba, really beautiful sticks.


Qanba Q4RAF. High quality and dual-console right out of the box.


well I didnt wanna spend more than 150/160. I was looking at this one and wasent sure if this would be a good alternative


That is fine. All Madcatz TE sticks have the same Sanwa stick and Sanwa buttons.


I reccomend one of these, $180.


Two other options:

If you’ve used a stick before the SFxT one will be a more familiar layout.


ive never actually used a fightstick before, im somewhat new to fighting games, I mean, ive played them before but ive never really learned them, kinda just button mashed for fun, this is the first one where I really wanna learn how to play (this one and Guilty Gear)


I also highly suggest keeping your eye on here:

You can get some great sticks at even greater prices in the Trading Outlet.