Can anyone recommend a reliable website to buy arcade stick buttons?


The place I was going to order, Lizard Lick, is pretty much out of stock on all Sanwa 30mm Snap-In Buttons. Could anyone recommend another site preferably in America that sells a variety of these style buttons? Thanks


here are some alternatives to Lizardlick:

Arcade Sticks Parts Push Buttons - GameShark Store

Joystick Parts - Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons: Focus Attack

not in USA


There are alternatives, but LizardLick looks pretty stocked on Sanwa 30mm snap ins. All of the solid colors and some of the black rimmed and most of the mix’n’match are in stock.


LL’s service and shipping speeds are worth the wait to restock.


Already? They just restocked today. Except for blue, Chad said.


The in stock status is deceiving, two styles I clicked on only had 1 button in stock. I ended up ordering from Focus Attack, thanks for the link to the site rtdzign!


check out Lizard Lick,eh?! :slight_smile:


I just got my order from and ordered at the same time and they both arrived 2 days later priority mail. Sucked to pay shipping twice, but between the 2 sites, they had everything I wanted in stock (just wish focusattack had 24mm Seimitsu buttons and replacement springs)

Anyway, I will order from both again for sure.