Can anyone recommend an HDTV for an arcade cab?

Right now I’m using a secondary (old) CRT monitor in my arcade cab. I use it mostly for emulation right now but I’m going to be sticking a ps3 in there for HD Remix, SF4 and a bunch of other fighters. On top of that I would still like to use it for emulation.

My main concern right now is video lag. I’m looking for a decent sized (between 19 and 21 inches) screen and I want to hook my ps3 up through component and my pc through VGA. I’m worried though that my emulators will end up having video lag because I don’t want to settle for standard def on my ps3.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should look into purchasing?

Also I have speakers with regular stereo audio input in my cab. If I was to hook my ps3 up through hdmi there wouldn’t be any stereo cables to hook into the jacks on my cab. How would I go about using HDMI and my stereo speakers with my ps3?

That’s the TV I have. I’d recommend it. I don’t know the answer to your question about using the HDMI and Stereo speakers, though.

I was in your same spot 3 months ago. I did a lot of research and ended up with the benq v2400w. It’s great in most respects, the only prob is the virtucle viewing angle is not very good. I also looked at the dell 24" monitors they are berry good and I have 1 in my office but the benq had what I needed for a lower price. As far as getting audio I ran the hdmi to the monitor for video and ran an optical cable from the ps3 to my home theatre amp that is in the machine for audio. Hope this helps you out some.

I don’t see why your emus would have lag if hooked up throug VGA to the HDTV

some TV’s have audio output, so then you can use a stereo to stereo or stereo to RCA cable? though I wonder if the full sound you get from HDMI would make it through?

Is 8ms response time good for hdtv? Also I need something that has VGA or DVI input so I can hook my pc to it also.


Thanks for the info guys.

I have a dell monitor right now actually and I’d have no problem throwing that into my cab but I do notice some video lag on emulators when I play on it (the crt always seems slightly more responsive, maybe im bugging out?) and the fact that I’m not sure if there’s a good ps3 vga/dvi adapter on the market. Thing is, sometimes I have a few people over to play fighting games and even the slightest video lag would not fly with any of us if we were playing something through my pc. Also I play on ggpo/2df and don’t need any added lag.

Are there any widescreen crt monitors/hdtv’s with the inputs I need in order to get this thing running? Or are lcd tv’s probably my only option right now? I can’t really afford to spend too much either. I’m thinking around 3 - 500 should be enough.

Btw huge balls, I will check out the monitor you mentioned. I also have a home theater system but I would like to use the stereo speakers in my cab for this so optical cable isn’t going to help in my situation.

PS3 can be made output stereo via the normal composite +red/white stereo cable that came with it :slight_smile:

You just have to go to Sound Settings & set the PS3 to output audio through those cables, while video goes through HDMI.

Awesome. Didn’t think it was that simple lol.

that’s sexy

I got an HDBOXPRO that I hookup my ps2 to my monitor. It’s great to upscale the image to the funky resolutions that widescreen monitors tend to have. Plus it has no lag which is great. Also it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket like the Micomsoft XRGB2. You can check it out here.

sounds awesome!

does it work for Dreamcast or have you tried?

Ok just in case I don’t get that adapter, are there any more good model hdtv’s with hdmi/component and vga input all together? Or even good monitors with added component/hdmi input.

Get the BenQ 2400 monitor as mentioned above. It has the least lag of any LCD monitor you can get, and it’s a decent price to boot. It has HDMI, DVI, and VGA input as well.

And grab that HDBox for upscaling anything older since your low res stuff will look like crap on it unless you do. Keep in mind it needs component cables though, which means it will be a problem for very old stuff that doesn’t have component output, or stuff like superguns which generally only output up to S-Video.

Thanks for the info guys.

this is exactly why I bought it. The only problem with it is the virtucle wiewing angle. It’s really bad, you have to look directly at it.

This is the one I have. It’s a very nice monitor for the price.

pc’s, especially any made in the past few years, can display all hdtv resolutions, and then some. lag is a non issue

HDMI to RCA adapters

I use a Monster Hdmi>Dvi cable myself to play my PS3 on my Samsung 24" LCD. Works great! Only problem is playing ps2 games will result in lag of course. But if your using it for the new stuff then it’s all gravy.

What do these statements have to do with each other? LCDs have lag in comparison to CRTs, period. If you play a fighter on an LCD (even at its native resolution), the best you will get is 1 frame of lag (with the benq or similarly fast monitors) in comparison to a CRT.

Worst case of course being you buy a shittier LCD or an S-IPS or play at a non-native resolution and get even worse lag.

have you even tried gaming on a recent PC monitor?

If I can play Tetris the Grandmaster on the highest settings and not detect any lag (cause you know the pieces don’t fall, they instantly appear on top of the middle piece and you have half a second to slide them into place) then theres no lag.