Can anyone recommend DATEL ARCADE PRO?


Hi guys
im seriously looking to buy the Datel arcade pro
there is not much info or discussion online
and i would like to know if i should go for it?

i am not a modder so opening it up is out of the question.
it seems great as its multiplatform, but i hear that the buttons and stick are not the best…
would it be good enough for a complete fight stick novice?

i wont be looking to use it at tournaments or any thing, just for fun use in the home

also supposedly theres something about the llicensing on the stick as well, something about illegal parts…
so i ask, can like Microsoft or Sony ban the stick leaving it unusable through a patch or something?

if im gonna get a stick it will have to be this one,
i just hope that the stock parts are good enough

(i have never played with an arcade stick in my life, just once at the airport on VF2 like when i was a little **** lol!)

Tell me i will like using this Stick please! :slight_smile:


read up and find out for yourself


Unfortunately the Datel stick is garbage without modification.

It is not so much that the parts are unusable, but that their lifespan is typically very short. The buttons use just rubber hitting a contact board. So buttons will die quickly and are not responsive to begin with. This is the greatest loss.

Joystick is not good, but not bad either. The stick has difficulty hitting diagonals. If you put a stiffer spring into it, it may be better.

Datel stick is identical to Paewang Revolution in Asia. Paewang PCB is popular among modders for its dual-compatibility. I do not believe X360 functionality is in question, nor is PS3 compatibility post 3.50 firmware (just remember to switch modes properly).

Modding is intimidating, but I really do believe you should prepare to do it at some point. If you do fall in love with joysticks, you would want this stick to last as long as possible, no? The Datel stick is also among the easiest to mod, because it mostly requires basics. This is better than buying a new one every other month or giving up on it altogether.


sounds like an option if you’re willing to spend $27 on a proper stick and $24 on proper buttons; is it easy to swap parts like the SE and TE? (PS, TE by madcatz is ready to go out of the box)


thanks Vietgeek

so what do you think… if i get it, granted it wil be my 1st stick would it be ok for use.
i was thinking that i should get it and use it and once the buttons do finally give up or if it becomes unplayable and if i cant get a replacement, then and then only would i concider modding it.
i am a complete modding/ electrical noob, i seen the modding tutorial for this stick somewhere on the site and at the start it seemed pretty comforable then it started to get ugly… so i would only modd if i have no choice


on the bright side you will have a PCB that many modders use for dual mod capability. its simple to wire up and like mentioned above has no known problems with the new firmware…
but yes the stick itself has had complaints similar to that of a madcatz SE. the parts used for buttons and stick is of “so so” quality and if you are more than a casual CASUAL gamer with fighting games you will ware down that stick pretty fast. Visually its a good looking stick and if you really wanted to keep it to last a simple button swap and stick changeout will keep you going no problem. I dont own one myself but I believe the buttons are a bit smaller than the 30mm so a swap would require you to file/dremel the holes wider to fit the standard pushbuttons that most use. 28mm holes I think?


I’m pretty sure you’ve got to file out the sides of the buttons holes. I forgot though, does this stick have tabs in the button holes?


There are button tabs.