Can anyone recommend some good Computer Speakers?

I’ve been rockin’ these Labtec speakers for my computer for about 10 years now lol and realized I listen to music pretty regularly on my iTunes.

So can anyone recommend a good quality sound set of speakers for the computer? Preferably something available at Best Buy or something.


What specifically are you looking for? A 2 speaker system w/ subwoofer that has good sound, or a surround sound system?

Also, what is your price range?

Hmm, I guess just a typical 2 speaker system for the desk on my computer. I didn’t know they had surround sound for the computer.

Also, I’m not really tech savvy when it comes to computers, I’ve seen people mentioning sound cards. Do I need a better sound card for better quality?

Price range is whatever. I got some extra dough to spend.


I am/was in the same boat. I have some LabTech that are probably also close to 10 years old. These were the 2.1’s I saw most commonly recommended. I’m curious what else people suggest. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black): Electronics Logitech Z-2300 THX-Certified 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer: Electronics

Audioengine 2’s are pretty sweet, I own a pair myself.

Audioengine 2 (A2) Premium Powered Desktop Speakers

i have these.

Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System

but then i hooked it up to my tv instead.

I have the z 2300s. They’re okay; the lack of a 3 cone system per speaker is a bit weird and they don’t like to handle multiple inputs through a splitter. The volume control is really nice and they’re really versatile. You need to be careful from a sound standpoint because some studio monitors are not cut out to handle games and other things a PC will spit out of the sound card. I’ve been looking to get a good vintage receiver with a pair of bookshelf speakers for some time now.

That being said, a good audio receiver and pair of quality bookshelf speakers (B&W, Klipsch, etc) will probably be tough to beat.

What’s your price range?