Can anyone replicate the Taito Type X SF4 Panel?Template provided

I have a Tekken 5 stick being worked on right now and I would like to have the panel art to be changed into a the one the Taito Type X SF4 panels have.

Heres a reference photo I cropped.(Not the greatest quality btw)

Photo from TheRealNeoGeos panel(thanks)

Tekken 5/HRAP Template PSD(keeping the stick 8 buttoned)
(Copy Paste link into browser)

Thanks for anyone who is able to take this request and PM me if your interested.

you should ask TheRealNeoGeo. his most recent post in the custom stick gallery looks exactly like that.

Does anyone have the actual SF4 panel graphic?

And when I try to use that layout it complains that fonts are missing, anyone know what font that is?

doesnt the T5 stick have a different button layout?