Can anyone shed some light on this LED?

I got these with some of my buttons from paradise arcade:

has anyone ever used these? If so are they reliable and what can they be used with?
I don’t know much about modding in general so could anyone help me out with this?

As far I know, no one has used them yet.
Because I have not seen anyone post them in their Arcade Sticks yet.

Paradise Arcade Shop just newly released those.

Very interesting solution to lighting 24mm buttons. That said, you would need a good deal of room and some custom headers.

Its just an easier way to add led’s. Led’s in general are very reliable with a long life so there should be no issue, its kind of weird you purchased something you don’t know much abouto_O

You should get one of these makes it really simple to install them

Weeelll about purchasing them…:sweat:
I bought Jyueeang buttons to use for Start, Select, and Home buttons for my hitbox, and they were included with the buttons. They were $2 each, and look exacly like seimitsus so I got them.

Also, how would installation with a sparky go with this if it was in a hitbox? If it is possible to use them with a sparky how would I get all 14 buttons lit?

The Pele can be used with Sparky PWM SMD.
But the Sparky PWM SMD only does eight output.

Anyone know if these will work on Clear Sanwas?

Stupid question but, could I (somehow) install 2 sparky smd’s?

they have them for both 30mm and 24mm buttons, and they aren’t made for any specific button so probably yes.

There are 24mm and 30mm.
They work for any 24mm and 30mm Button.

You do not need RGB LED Controller to use your Pele though.
You do not need any kind of LED Controller for LED.
LED Controller is just for effects to the LED.

If you want trillion of colors from your RGB, then RGB LED Controller is needed, yes.

LED Controller, like FGWidget LED Controller from Toodles.
That does a lot of cool effects.

But FGWidget LED Controller is only one channel, not three.
So it does not do all the colors trillion of RGB.

With single channel, you only get seven colors from RGB.
Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, White.

RGB LED Controller from Toodles coming out soon.
So that will be cool.

FGWidget LED Controller from Toodles can do more than eight outputs.
Can do:
6-button and Joystick
6-button and three extra (Select, Start, Home)
8-button and Joystick
8-button and three extra (Select, Start, Home)

To get everything light up like you want, then need two LED Controller.
Like what we did for our Customer, Kuya_Joe did for Muffman.

As god is my witness, Im not gay, but that picture REALLY looks like a pcb penis to me.

32teeth could probably answer that better, but I have to ask; have you tried installing them yet? With the uber tight layout of the play buttons, Im worried if they’d fit. If you could answer, Im sure other hitbox owners would appreciate it.

Do you mean that installing 2 LED controllers in a stick is DICK ? :wink:

So what color would it light up as if it were not controlled by any LED controller? Also with the FGWidget LED controller how would that work having two installed?

Haha I see it too toodles

I haven’t tried to install them as I didn’t want to mess with them until I fully knew what they were, how they work, etc. but the ring that goes around the button is just a tad (and by a tad i mean REALLY small amount) bigger than the nuts used in the 24 mm screw-in. So I figure if you could assemble the punch row with the ends with the pins going up (north, top, however put) and assemble the ones on the kick row with the pins going down, I’m pretty sure they would fit.

Seven colors are possible, per RGB.
And each of your Pele has two RGB.
Colors depend on how you wire.

Red = RED
Green = GREEN
Blue = BLUE
Red + Green = YELLOW
Green + Blue = CYAN
Blue + Red = MAGENTA

Using two FGWidget LED Controller is using two FGWidget LED Controller.
Connect Ground and VCC between.
And wire according.
That’s all.

In our example above, we wired in a way to make the LED effects seamless.
But I am not telling you how we did it.

HAHA you should of seen it when I had the chimp and 360 pcb switched around… with the set up it was the only config that looked presentable… think of it as a spaceship… haha

JDM where did you get a pic of that? I think I forgot to send you pics before I sent it off…

Pnoy- tell us how you like those LED’s when its all set up… I’m interested in how it holds up after mounted…

I’ll need to buy a few more before I can say much. I only have 4

Looking forward to seeing pics of these wired up and illuminated as well.