Can anyone teach me please



hi, im quite new to this game and im using evil ryu, howevery i keep getting crush online.i have already learn all the b&b and combo, and my execution is not bad as i can pull off almost all combo/B&b plus i have put in a lot of effort and sharpen my anti air.

the problem is i have no idea what to do in a match, how much spacing do i need? how can i close in?(if i cant close in i cant land my combo.)
im totally no threat to my opponent. they are not having pressure at all because the whole game im playing reacting to what they do.How can i have more initiative and be offensive?

here are 2 video(HD). please guide me to reach a higher level of gameplay. it seems i never have a chance to be offensive.


Don’t take my word as sacred as i’m a fellow noob but i’ll give it a shot. It’s about footsies. Generic answer but it’s the truth :slight_smile: Essentially it’s trying to get from neutral position to an advantageous one like you said you’re having trouble with.

I found these two explain the ways to do that:

Go into training mode to see the spacing of other character’s pokes

P.S Use your meter! I may be ocd about finishing rounds with super but still, Evil Ryu with 2 bars is one of the scariest dudes in the business :smiley:


hey thanks. appreciate your help.:slight_smile:


Try finding someone who is closer to your level. First video was a clear example that the player was just better than you. Nothing to be ashamed off ;), but he was just throwing out stuff hoping that you would press a button. Which he got away with.

My advice would be to first play original Ryu, only because as you stated are a fairly new player. Learn the fundamentals and then take what you have learned and apply that to E.Ryu. I know its not quite what you want to hear but it will help in the long run.

If you want we can spar sometime and I can help you right there and then.

PC: MrDaddySensei

I have a headset if needed. Let me know dude!


all right i add you asap. hopefully the connect is good.


can anyone share how to stop opponent from doing that normal spam and corner me stuff etc. how do i get out?


anw i can beat 3kpp players but its only those spam character i totally cant go offense. please provide some advise:)


Ok - You need to learn the footies game with your character. Someone mentioned playing ryu to get down the fundamentals which I’m 50/50. Ryu is a good character to start out with but you don’t need him to learn the basics of the game. The first video the guy was better than you and knew it. You can tell once he figured out you didn’t know how to react to things or get yourself out of situations. When I go to learn a new character regardless if I’m going to main them or keep them as a pocket character I wanna know what are my best options for poking <—this is where learning footies is a key element. I wanna know my frames and distance for my moves. I know remembering frames can be tough but knowing them doesn’t hurt. Footies to me was a huge learning curve because I didn’t pick up Street Fighter till AE was out for a bit. I’ve been a marvel player for number of years so playstyles is different. You need to find people around your same level because both of you grow and you learn alot more about your character that you are using. Keep playing and always practice…doesn’t mean go to the training room and do the same BnBs over and over…but practice AA options and other options you have available to you.


As the others said, all about the footsies. I would say Bison could be used to learn the footsie game too. Not really a character I’d suggest maining as the game currently is (he’s my main), but you can definitely learn footsies by playing him. You definitely will need someone around your level, otherwise you’re going to end up finding players who just want to troll/curbstomp you.

Also, a new player not mashing the hell out of his stick with random dps? He’s gonna be a future top player. :’)


hey thank you, all the advise has been useful to me. i now really focusing on poking with my standing/crouch- mp/mk, focus on AA and spacing plus safe fireball really improve my game alot. i can almost constantly beat 2k pp player streak with just simple standing mk for poke and anti air.


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Sounding like a douche in yours while calling him one.

I beat a 20k BP Abel/Ibuki/Bison with Blanka. I’m awaiting my reply, come at me bro.


That was an ultra douche post on my part ill own up. post bar alchohol and forum browsing dont mix.

Heres me trying to be productive (im being super OCD. Im sure if anyone watched my games i would be thinking damn what was i doing so dont take it badly) :

First game. first round looked good then i realized your letting yourself get bullied into the corner to easily. the second round is the main point. you were backed up way to fast.
Be more confident holding your ground or advancing in footsies. Duds is free to cr mp if your sure it will hit and not wiff + get punished (assuming your opponent can do this)
also you can also walk forward cr mp/throw to make him realize your not scared once in a while (ch combo leads to corner carry for spacing, block leads to some spacing, throw leads to oki and a possible side switch)
Good job not biting to frame traps but at the same time it seemed like delaying the inevitable.

2nd game
1st round that tatsu hit sucked but that dive kick seemed a bit random. Try to figure out you opponents fireball patterns for divekicks when you are close or itsa free dp otherwise. at the same time its nice to test their abilities to AA. After the fireball jump in you seem scared to throw them even in a couple safe situations. The double cr jab into nothing could have potentially beein a cr lp st mp fadc.

Overall impression:
That guys were more proficient. all dive kicks AA’d, a nice wiff punish sweep on the second game. Don’t get discouraged as you seem to know wtf is up just think about whenever you walk into a safe fireball zone toss it, whenever you are comfortable that your opponent isnt a jumping loon toss it. And if your opponent if focusing all your fireball toss and ex out one in a while (blasphemy to the 2bar god of e ryu)

Those are the main fundamental thinks i can think of

PS: get your cr mk footsies stepped up as cr mk xx hadoken FADC (on hit) and wiff punish cr mk xx lk axe kick lead to alot of damage. Also confirming cl fp xx hadoken into FADC on hit but that requires the cr lp, cl fp to be useful.

PPS: Sorry i was a douche. alchohol + andry mode = me a bad/asshole poster




ok thanks. i believe i have improve quite a bit. now the problem is my friend says i lack of different style of playing the game and im too predictable.(im playing too much reactive gameplay, seems to be lacking of option to be offensive.)


Try to stay tight in footsies and experiment with aggressive-as-fuck walk up throws. once you realize what people let you get away with try walk up cr mp looking for counter hits or walk up hop kicks That is are a different setup of grounded aggression you can try. Be overly aggressive at first to see what you can get away with overall then tone it back vs being conservative. its better to overshoot then tone it back to the limit than under shoot and never push it as far as you could have.

Once you have them focused on the ground game then work those dive kicks/tatsus/jump ins-into your game

Lastly try to bait pokes and wiff punish/counter poke them [the hardest of what i listed]

Try to play thinking: fuck this im walking and throwing him instead of i wonder if he will stuff my walk up throw; if you know what i mean, when you attempt those walk up throws throws be confident. you would be surprised how far you can do it when someone is too patient.


i really need to know how to set up. if close range what should i use? if im jumping over what should i use etc. im really pissed when ppl(eg ken) shoryuken wiff and i cant do a shyt. its really boring to play reactive all day long and not knowing what i can do and how i can apply pressure.when i watch video, other ppl evil ryu is always so aggressive but mine is a puss waiting for ppl to atk me.


Imo the best way to improve is obvious just keep playing. The thing that is most difficult is to see what is causing you to lose what and where are the holes that people are taking advantage of. Also alot of people say play people better than u, but if those guys are obliterating you than you will never learn anythibg and it will probably cause you to actually get worse since you will lose all sense of confidence.

That will bring me to my next point, one tip i alway think about when i play is hold your ground think “bitch this is my space and that is your space, im greedy i want your space and my space.” In other words work on practicing moving forward e.ryu is a character that needs to get in to do dmg hence he needs to move forward. I remember one thing that one of that guys from ultra chang said. Its scary to hold forward on the stick. Practice moving forward and try your hardest to not move back ( its not always possible to hold your ground lol)

Playing reactively is not that hard alot of it comes with time spent with the game, if what you say is true that you just started the game not long ago. A dp may not be programmed in your muscle memory. So once they jump you are thinking oh i should stop that… They land and you go oh right dp, maybe next time. So what can you do to have this issue solved. What i did was play with a button that is basic footsies and someone who is not very good. Then u practice two things space and footsies and basic anti air. hadouken. A bad player will get impatient and start jumping over and over this is where you start practicing anti airs.

It seems like you have the right idea. Fighting games take really really long to learn and experience matters alot personally i know a fair share of the game but dont play very often so i can never perform at the level i should( not beast but decent) so i suck and feel like ass lol. At the end of the dat just keep playing focus on one or two things at a time flashiness comes over time. I still remember doing my first sjc ultra with ibuki in an actual match. I was so excited now its just second nature.


yes i now playing a different way by preventing myself from moving back(holding my ground) and i know i have improve greatly, as i can play with those veteran. However my option is limited, i only have to space, cr mk+hadoken plus srk(anti air). i cant get in to perform my combo unless they make mistake, its like whole game im waiting for mistake and what my opponent do is just keep pressuring me. therefore i think that too much defense is bad as im new i dont think my defending skill are flawless or good, i need advise what option and how i can do to pressure my opponent just like what my opponent did to me. Advise will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Its impossible to tell you what are the ways to pressure an opponent, because everybody plays different.
I want to play footsies every match but if my opponent just does random shit en keeps jumping I can’t do that. Its all about the read on your opponent.

It seems you know the fundementals and know what you need to pratice in order to get better. But what you lack is experience, this cannot be taught. It can only be learned by playing the game.
You don’t have to win every game. As long as you learn from you’re misstakes.
Try things when you get pressured to see if it works even if it means to give up on that round.
Make a deal with yourself before a match like if a miss 1 antiair I lose that game regardless of the outcome. Focusing on those aspect’s instead of winning will improve your gameplay tremendous.

Play endless instead of ranked, people play generally better and most of the time don’t do random things when there about to lose. Get that experience and you will get better, I promise you that. It just takes time, its like Hollowblade said. Fighting games take really really long to learn and experience matters alot.

If I read you’re post from above you keep asking for frametraps and what I should do to keep up the pressure. Mapleleafs791 put up a great guide providing all the info you need. I suggest you go read it, and take out the things you think will help your game. Go to training mode and start learning.

We all know what you are going through because we have all been there. Fighting games just take some time to learn before you can kick everybodies ass. Thats why there so enjoyable :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad grammar :wink:


ok thanks. i find myself playing not very consistent.