Can anyone tell me what are the steps to dual-modding an X360 TE Fightstick?

Hi all. I’m new here so please excuse me if this has been asked before or mentioned. I tried to research on ways of dual modding fightsticks but all the things I found seem vague or don’t apply to me (e.g.: Dual modding a PS3 fightstick to be X360 compatible etc.). I have an X360 fightstick and now I just want it to work with PS3 (ofcourse, I don’t want to lose PC functionality either :)). I’m aware that there is a board called Cthulhu which can allow this and a ChImp board (to make it only one USB cable?) which is ideal for me as I don’t want to have 2 cables coming out of my stick. So can anyone tell me the steps or link me to a place that will tell me how to dual mod an X360 fightstick, what items are required for the dual mod and the steps to doing the mod itself. I have no experience of soldering so I’ll probably want to avoid that and use screw terminals, although if a soldered solution is much more reliable, I would go that route as I know someone who has good experience of soldering. Thanks.

there are plenty of tutorials on here, use the search and check the stickies
easiest one that’s currently available is the TE kitty, which you can get from:

In this thread

Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside

If you bother to look you find this

Dual Modding 101

Next time check the Stickies before making any posts

to add te kitty suggestion. here is link to thread.