Can anyone tell me where I can find an SE?

I’ve been waiting on my order for my 360 Special Edition for over a month now, and at this point I’m ready to just cancel my pre-order and look elsewhere. I realize an SE is probably hard to come by right now, but does anyone by chance know where to find one?

Hey, this thread will likely get closed, but just to let you know there are other places for questions like this.

This Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 section is for threads that only help or create discussion about the game. If you need to ask a question that’s like this one, for future reference, try the Newbie Saikyo Dojo or General Discussion.

True, or he could have thrown it in the MvC general thread here, but there’s no reason not to try and help him out before the thread is closed.
I just saw the SE 360 version for about $79 on Amazon. $10 more than original price, but as you’ve seen, it’s getting hard to come by.

Edit, Hit CDuniverse, they have it at $68.95. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds XBox 360
Fyi, all you get with the SE is the code for Shuma and Jill, a metal box and a comic, and a free month of digital comics. If you don’t need the comics and metal box, Shuma and Jill will run you $10 on Live, which would equal the cost of the SE.

Gamestop sells them

Thanks a lot. That’s a big help. :slight_smile:

Depends on where you live. My gamestop sold out on those 2 months before the game came out.

have you tried amazon/ebay/Trading Outlet?