Can anyone tell me who this model is?

I think i found her pics here in SRK but now i can’t find them anymore because i’m just looking for a website of this girl and more pics of her. I checked the website on the pic but i couldn’t find any pics of her. thanx in advance.

Her name is Juno.

ay, good assit. she’s gorgeous:lovin: . this mite be a good thread for peeps to post a chick that i and i stress the “i” part and others do not know…or not.

i was 98% sure that shatter was gonna answer this one


Someone’s gotta know who she is. I’m pretty sure i got these pics from tone of the Hot Asian girl threads but i can’t seem to find it now. But yeah, she’s frickin’ hella cute.

Did you even read the first reply to your thread?

So her name is Juno? does she have a last name? I can’t find it 'cuz it’s not specific enough. Any links to a website with her would be appreciated a lot. thanx.

shatta to the rescue

well, sorta. i found more pics of her a lot are nude and ill post em in the AGT Asian girl thread but here’s a quote from the site that i Googled:

i lEAve links to pics non nude ofcourse when i get a chance.


negro edit:

link to Juno pics in AGT

Can anyone tell me who this model is? pt. 2



does anyone know her name? not refering to Juno

i believe her name is yukie kawamura…yeah and she pwnz

especially in the below link


i need you guy’s assitance again…


^ That’d be Nicole. Don’t know last name though.

damn, i need last name aswell, lol! at least i know her first. thankx, Kid.

Yo shatta, came across some pics of your girl Nicole, in case you be looking for some pics of her, since we don’t know her last name.

good shyt. im repostin those ASAP. :lovin:

Can anyone help me out and tell me who this chick is?

uh, i believe her name is on the pic. she is south american.