Can anyone to explain that to me?




the comment I did on youtube:


Corners work differently in this game for some weird reason. The results you posted are common across all characters and setups, basically it’s “harder” do crossup on the left corner.


Its the first time I saw that in SF4 since I play this game, I dont think thats something common. I also never saw any other video like this one I recorded.


Common might be an overstatement, but “land in front on left side, land behind on right side” deal is afaik very well know, i’m sure you can find more examples of this kind of stuff. For e. ryu and that setup specifically it’s troublesome because you don’t get cl.hp, but there’s really nothing you can do about it other than go for a less optimal combo.


I have never seen a record that acts differently depending on wich side of the screen you are, in the trainning mode. Thats what Im talking about, Im not sure we are talking about the same things.


You’re talking about the same thing. It’s a property of the left corner vs the right corner and it’s been known since vanilla.


Last video I’ve seen showing this behaviour


The reason why your recording is working differently is simply that you’re too far for cl.hp to come out on the right side, since you cross up on that corner. I don’t know how to make it clearer than that.


I’ve noticed that when I recorded cammy to know wich way to block, I did xx spiral arrow HK then jump HK canon strike vs Ken, in the left corner it hits front and lands front , in the right corner it hits front , lands cross up, also you can make it hits cross up and land front etc with the other canon strike versions or if you delay them.Also vertical jump ex canon strike lands front on the left , cross up on the right on a crouching Ken

I just recorded Ken vs me Cammy ,
forward throw in the corner, fwd dash, whiff , jump HP : hits cross up on the left corner lands front, hits cross up on the right , lands cross up
same set up with jump HK : same behavior as with jump HP but whiffs if you block cross up
same set up with jump MK : same as with jump HP
same set up but with jump lk : hits both cross up , land both front…

It’s very very powerful but with ken you need a throw in the corner, and dash forward can avoid it / turn into a backdash and avoids it , DP is autocorrected or whiff to safety.
I know why streamers call it unblockable fighter 4 now^^