can anyone..

make a thread displaying what makoto can punish and what moves she get’s punished and what bye similiar to this.

that would be much appreciated.

Ehh I suppose someone could but you would get into redparry/range/situational issues with the list and what it should/could include

a good example is

Necro’s Electric snake (SAIII)

depending on what they cancel into it from and what range can change what (if anything you can punish it with)

IE a fairly close back strong/standing strong/etcxxSAIII is free st fp on red parry of last hit

or a free crouching strongxhayate on block

while cancelled off of a max range (or so) cr.jab/short you can punish with anything via block or red parry.

And their is Quite a few situations like this with Mak and punishments so Im not gonna bother maybe someone else will be nice enough to do at least a simple breakdown

um… IMO: updating the “All About Makoto” with all info there (more some info from the outside) is enought… but i don’t know if Haunts wanna do it.

frame data and common sense are pretty cool :confused:

though… i have no idea where to find 3s frame data nowadays.

I think there was a thread made on this like 6 months ago or so if you search around for it.

The most practical stuff for me that I actually have time to react to and end up using pretty frequently is:

Shotos: Blocked sweeps punished with HP Hayate

Urien: Blocked shoulder dash punish with xx hayate

Her sweep can be countered with Ken SA3 and Chun SA2