Can backdash out of frame trap


wanted to know how can u defend against a frame trap and if u could do a backdash if u block a the first move of a frame trap and don’t press no buttons.


Just block. Frame traps only work when the opponent presses buttons. Or you could V-Reversal or do some other invincible reversal like an SRK.

I highly doubt there are any frame traps you can backdash out of. I’m not sure what the start up frames are in SFV, but backdashes aren’t invincible anyway so it would have to be distance based.


what if there is a gap etc i thought backdashes happened instantly so long u wasn’t in hitstun




No, there are start up, active, and recovery frames in dashes. Oddly enough, I can’t find the breakdown of this data, but it doesn’t matter that much because none of these frames are invincible.

And forget that I said it could be “distance-based” because a odds of someone hitting you at max range with a 7f frame trap are almost 0.


i tested this and u can get out of certain pressure situations if u block the first move but only in a non corner type thing.