Can BBCP revive BB in the FGC?


Just as the title says. Do you think CP has any chance of re surging BB in the FGC? I want to get into the series but it seems like there is no scene for the series at all.


Not if it’s only being released on one console


There are a lot of reasons why it won’t. The game simply doesn’t appeal to a lot of people; it’s not as accessible as Persona, it doesn’t have the same kind of stellar track record as Guilty Gear. Furthermore, most Capcom players aren’t going to see BBCP as a big enough shift in the series to give it a shot.

Anime games are getting more exposure now, and there will be (already are) a decent amount of P4A players who try out Blazblue, so the scene will keep growing…but I’d be very surprised if we started seeing BBCP put up any numbers close to what P4A is at tournaments.

Still, you’re mistaken if you believe a scene doesn’t exist. The game has a pretty big online scene, bigger than the Injustice scene in terms of people who know what they’re doing. But again, it’s a niche game, so you don’t have nearly as many outliers and casual players, which makes the scene appear small.


That sucks to hear. I picked up Continuum Shift and it was pretty fun from what I’ve played. Either way I’m going to pick up CP and see how Bullet is. She looks super interesting.

What do you think of the chances of GGXrd going big? I don’t know why, but it seemslike the only anime game that doesn’t get the “oh its anime” treatment from the community. I remember GG being pretty big in the scene before…


I hope so, since I’d been sitting on Calamity Trigger for years until just a few days ago when I joined this forum hoping to improve for CP… old fans will probably come back, but I’m not sure about gaining new ones. It’s unfortunate that some people are put off by the style.

But…! I agree that a ‘scene’ does exist… It’s just not as competitive as others. Most of the people I know who own a BB game have never played a fighting game before and don’t intend to compete. They don’t care so deeply as to join a forum and discuss strategy. They just bought it because it got a good review and had nice graphics (nothing wrong with that.)


BB players being so defeatist is part of the reason why this game has trouble taking off. Stop with the self-fulfilling prophecies.

I, for one, think it has a chance. Now that BBCP has addressed some the issues that some players have had with the series since Calamity Trigger, I’ve noticed a generally more positive reception, at least here on SRK, to the game and a willingness to try it out.

This always amuses me, because Guilty Gear didn’t have a “stellar track record” until Accent Core. Maybe #Reload if you’re being generous.


That’s fair, I’m not trying to argue about which game is better, although I think CS2 is the first version of BlazBlue that was adequately balanced as well. The main reason why I say GG has a better track record is because most old school players respect it more, and it had much more of a competitive following in the US.

Xrd will be big, I think. Bigger than P4A is now, because it’s going to draw in a lot more Capcom players, along with 100% of anime players. Until then, we have to work harder to convert people~


Chrono Phantasma will have to prove itself to be a significant improvement to really bring players back to BB

I don’t know exactly how many players there are like myself who are in the “played BB and didn’t really like for various reasons, but would be willing to give it another shot if some of those issues were rectified” group, but that seems like the most likely area to get more players from


Totally, unless the usa fgc manages to kill it again with their stupid shit as usual :coffee:
The game is solid, balanced and has a good variety of characters, the real problem that the game has is the community behind it, too much idiots complaining because is not GG (it was never meant to be), and too much idiots hating on it because lolanimu (whatever that means), or idiots complaining because the length of the combos yet are willing to play MVC3 who happens to have combos that are x3 to x4 longer than anything on BB.

Seriously the only thing holding back the game is the ass community that plays the game smh

So you want them to make a version that barely anyone buys (and this is not only in japan) and leads to loss in money?
They are not releasing BBCP on the 360 due how progressively worse got the sales on that console.


I think the people blessed with a PS3 will definitely get BBCP and it will get a strong scene, but then Guilty Gear Xrd (I’m glad they changed the naming convention, because… well you know why) will blow it out of the water, at least in comparison.

Well, that’s probably more true for me than other people, but damn it people we’ve got to make BlazBlue Chronophantasma more of a success than SFxT… how did that atrocity make Evo but BBCSE is a SIDE TOURNAMENT? =_= Whatever.


Cite? :stuck_out_tongue: The useless source that is VGChartz (which basically makes shit up based on sales at GameStop) says CS actually sold slightly BETTER on the 360 than on the PS3 in the states, and has…no numbers at all for extend (unless you think that Extend sold zero copies in the US on any console.)

I think we can all agree that 360 sales were lower than PS3 sales, but I don’t think they got “progressively worse” any faster than they did on the PS3 (I don’t think anyone’s going to argue that Extend sold as well as CS either.)

Honestly, with all the shifty “I’m sorry, we can’t answer that question” garbage that they keep giving WRT to why it’s not coming to the 360, it seems WAY more likely that they ran into some sort of difficulty with Microsoft or something, because if it were just bad sales numbers, you’d expect them to just SAY so. Being all dodgy makes the “obvious answer” seem less likely to me.

Anyway, back on topic a little, I think GG’s “success” is somewhat overhyped; It had, essentially ONE balanced game prior to the recent update, but it happened to release during a time in which there was little competition, and it’s an “old” series, which means that people remember it fondly from when they didn’t know jack about fighting games and therefore didn’t feel the pain of the flaws of the early versions as much. It’ll be very interesting to see how Xrd works out, because while the game LOOKS gorgeous, I don’t really see how Arc Sys can adapt the game to the modern age without offending all the oldschool players.

All that said, I don’t think CP is going to magically make the anime scene all hype, but it does give us yet another chance - though as usual, it’s coming out at an awkward time to try to make the running for Evo, which is going to make hype building harder. The trouble is, really, I don’t think BB has major problems that can be “fixed” - lots of people in the FGC really have no interest in trying it because of how it looks, and would rather screw around with Injustice because it has Batman in it, even though, truthfully, I don’t know that anyone could evaluate the two games objectively and not feel BB is better. (Go, subjective opinion on objective values!) I actually think that the biggest boost BBCP has going for it is the fact that P4A has done a good job of establishing an “anime game” scene that has enough mass to get people to notice, and hopefully that will buoy up BBCP when it releases.


I assume FGC means in the Capcom American only community?


Means “The non-Japan fighting game community”, since it’s not like BB is huge in Europe or Mexico or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing that can revive BlazBlue is the community behind it.

Unfortunately, despite how good ArcSys games are, they are cursed with some of the most entitled, retarded, whiny ass children I have ever seen.

And I’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh!.

If the community will positively support BlazBlue and the people who want to learn it, the game will thrive in its own time.


Everyone I’ve met in the anime FGC is super nice.


That’s fantastic, and I’m actually very pleased for you.

I’m talking specifically about the BlazBlue community, however, and less about the airdasher community as a whole.


I am not a fan of BB, ever since Tager lost his easy ass bnb, but I do think BB is a good game. BBCP won’t be as successful as CP (inb4 underage b&), but I don’t think it will be a flop. Honestly, I am just waiting for GG, the true king of animu games. That being said, I hope BBCP is everything you guys want it to be, just keep in mind that I will be playing GG instead. Never understood the people telling others to play GG instead, if people wanna play BB, let them. If you wanna talk about GG being a “better” game, go play GG instead of harassing BB players.


GG was very good since XX, and in slash it has gotten the “pantheon of the gods” status. Accent Core was popular in the states (since Slash only ran on JP PS2) but it was a lesser version overall. (Although it brought in many new people) and now with +R the satanic ritual will be complete!


BB is gonna do fine. The P4U people will switch to it, just like BB players switched to P4U.


The scene is NOT dead, is just the wrong forum. Try