Can combo, can't win

I started playing SSF4 11 months ago. School began, I was shit at the game, so I quit. Now i restarted playing but still can’t win online. I really enjoy using Dudley because of the combos he has, but I NEVER win. I’m something like 50PP and 0BP and keep being matched with 2000PP and BP. More than being a shit using Dudley I think that I am shit at defending. The problem is that i don’t know the other characters. Let’s pick for example a game against Ibuki. That bitch just disappears and beats the crap out of me. How can I learn how to defend?

what console are you on if your on ps3 i can give you some tips
i would recoment using another character like ryu or ken to get a feel for what it is for online play

If you’re on xbox we can be shit together and try to improve that way.

Thanks to both, I’m on PS3.

Ibuki’s mixups after a knockdown are pretty difficult to deal with, even for high level players. Facing a 2k+pp Ibuki as a beginner is probably a waste of time imo, you’ll barely get to move.

Add me on psn I’m completely free on ssfiv

You can add me if you want to gain some experience fighting a Gouken.


Tomorrow I’ll add you, thanks.

I learned that I must stop just jumping in and trying to combo. Today I destroyed a 1000+ points El Fuerte player with a really patient playstyle.

Defense is the way to go.

Am I the new Blanka Daigo or does a lot of people don’t know how to play against Blanka?

It seems by the time you get off of school you have already logged off. We gotta play sometime soon.

School ends tomorrow. We will play really soon and I will use Blanka.

Nah, you will stop winning with blanka when you get in the pp range, where people can block crossups and the U1 (which you probably just random out on every wakeup) and punish blocked blanka balls.
Its a gimmick character, beginners will have fast success with blanka (slide that can punish bad spaced/timed fireballs, for beginners hard to block U1, fast jump etc.), but once you face good opponents, it will become very very hard with blanka.

True. I faced a 20000+ points Chun-Li that destroyed me lol. How is Dudley at high levels? And should I just use the shotos to learn better the game?

Hm, I would always advice to play the character you want to play, because it makes the most fun. The only characters I wouldnt advice are grapplers (Zangief, Thawk etc.). I dont play them but in my opinion (subjective) opinion you will not learn the important skills for the game and will get bad habbits, ofc. you can become a good grappler player but you will lack the skills to play any other character, just my opinion. But when you only want to play zangief , its ofc. okay. Good characters for beginners are characters with good pokes (no need for combos) and safe specials and a lot of escape options -> Bison.
You asked for shotos to learn the game. Essentially a good idea, if you like to play them, you will learn hitconfirming, links into medium and hard attacks, FADC, crossups, option selects, footsies, meatie throw / throw frametrap mixup and much more, they demand it all. So yes, to learn the game they are good, but you can learn all of this with dudley too. But dudley need more of a aggressive overhelming playstyle to be good with, with the shotos, you can more play like you want, zoning, defensive or aggressive, they dont have that much weakness, so they are more the allround characters.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll just restart using Dudley.

Had a grappler every won a major? :0

I’m still waiting on my arcade stick, it is going to be fun playing street fighter and marvel, having access to all the techniques. I have like 490 BP, but I’m going I make it the toughest victory to get!

Anybody want to toss a round my way on PSN add me Choppaholic… I’m not half bad but I could get better…

Just remember an arcade stick isn’t going to make you instantly better, they take a lot of time to get used to.(and they’re not for everyone)

When I first got my stick I was having trouble doing fireballs, I felt like I had gotten worse. But if you stick with it you will get used to it.