Can dash be OS?



I was playing against a Fuerte the other day online and after he knocked me down, he went in for the Tortilla Press mixup. What I wound up doing was inputting a forward dash hoping to go completely under his attack, but on wakeup, I somehow wound up blocking the crossup press instead.

Anyone ever have this happen and know it’s an actual OS, or was it simply just input lag?


when you dashed you probably got lucky and was just holding forward when it crossed up so you blocked it. I wouldn’t really call it an option select.


technically it is… dont know what actual applications there can be though


Hell… I’ll take luck especially against Fuerte. He can be so annoying.


You can os a dash just like you can os sweep when you do a meaty normal but other than that it’s most likely input lag


It’s very possible to do a dash option select you just input the dash during where the hit-stop would be and if it hits nothing comes out, otherwise you dash. Latif did something like this on stream at evo to a blanka player. He did meaty s.LK and inputed forward jump during the hit-stop, the guy did rainbow ball, he instantly jumped and did j.HK and beat it clean. Creative thinking right there.


Yeah, that’s what I thought happened because it was also a forward dash that would’ve come out. But since it was a cross up, the change in direction messed up the input, forcing block to come out. I imagine that if he stayed in front, dash most likely would’ve come out.