Can different regions of the same game link up on a NGPC?

A friend of mine has a NGPC with Card Fighters Clash, and I’m looking at picking it up myself. I want to get the Capcom version, but the only one I can find for a low price is on eBay, and it’s a UK version. Would these two still be able to link up (US and UK)?

You should be okay. I have a UK SNK Card Fighters clash with the plastic clamshell and the american Capcom version.

The only games that don’t link up are the Japanese Language Last Blade, and English Last Blade, and the Different language versions of Faselei or other games where you cannot switch the language.

Almost every NGPC color game is actually a worldwide version, with the few acceptions that rtdzign listed. So while the packaging may say UK/US/JP, they’re all the same carts.

That’s why I love all my NeoGeo gear. From all my MVS carts having all regions already built into them to be able to play any game released on my NGPC. I just need to find me one of those sync cables so I can hook the thing up to my Dreamcast.