Can do combos in training, but not in matches

In SF4 and TvC, I can do some combos (ex: Frank’s light, medium, c. medium, c. hard, roundhouse, mega buster) in training mode easily, but when I go play matches, I can’t do it. Even if the oppenent is dizzied or got caught by Frank’s zombie I either hesitate, get too excited, or do the Frank’s baseball bat instead of roundhouse. How do you guys make combos in matches because this really drives me crazy everytime.

relax breathe practice focus breathe rinse repeat.

most combos are situational. you dont pull out your big damage combo unless the ideal situation presents itself. become fimilar with when these times are and the situations that typically enduce them (ie baiting a SRk and punishing when they land)
And put hella time in practicing so when the time comes the combo happens witih no hesitaion and with perfect exicution

Focus more on the subtleties of fighting another player instead of combos. Once you learn how to look for/create opening and how to take advantage of them, doing combos will be easier somewhat.

I rather say it right here then make another thread.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to play against a pro?

There’s only one true difference between a “pro” and a “newbie” - experience.

In other words, go out there and play (and learn). Just be sure to keep an open mind and not limit yourself to playing a certain way - always look for what works and leanr to use and even abuse the heck out of it.

My way of practicing combos to be used in real matches was first learn them at least 95% in training mode, and before I start trying to use them in real matches, I’ll practice the combos again against the computer to get my feet wet using them in a real match. It seemed to help me a bit. From there, in your following practice sessions, try to focus on landing that combo specifically as much as possible instead of focusing on just winning the matches.

What pherai said is what I do, well try to do. Practise the combo in training mode til you pretty much have it down. And then I’ll just play against CPU and try to land that combo at every opportunity. It’s good to do it against CPU cos you get so many chances and while also trying to win. After that whenever you play you just try to land that combo. It generally works out.

To land your combos in game, it’s exactly what pherai and Vecayse have said.
However, playing “pro” players, combos don’t do shit for you. Here’s why. A pro player is gonna make sure you have no chance to land a massive combo…it’s part of them being pro.
You need to have fundamentals down to a T before you even try to combo into anything fancy (punish combos are important for exactly this, punishes. You need to have these down but they tend not to be hard).

Fundamentals separate great players from casual players. Not combos. Problem, however, is that fundamentals are very hard to have down as there are a million elements to great fundamentals. Combos are easy but useless or even counter-effective if you can’t footsie well and bait.

Good luck. If you need tips on fundamentals and footsies, there are very few great promoted posts here on the SRK homepage. Check them out.

A big part of performing combos is knowing how to set them up. If you are just playing randomly and then out of nowhere you dizzy the guy, then most likely you are going to get nervous because you will be scrambling trying to get that combo in since you weren’t expecting to dizzy him.

Once you learn how to setup your BnB combos then you will have less stress on your head because you will know when exactly you can pull off certain situational combos.

Doing combos in training mode and in real matches are different, you’re under pressure, probably nervous and may not know where to implement the combo in the first place. Play friends to try and get this down before playing random folk, or try some members of the forums.

As for playing a pro, the difference is experience, as others have said, there isn’t any set rule you should take except that they probably won’t fall for scrubby stuff as often so try using mixups alot. But mostly it’s down to experience and knowing what to do in any given situation.

you’re such a liar when you say you can pull them off in training easy…

Thanks for the advices. I started playing against CPU in training in max difficulty.

Phenomenub, that’s when the CPU is a dummy.

i can feel my brain click into ‘combo mode’ when the opportunities to use difficult combos arises. the thing you need to remember is that when you’re doing your combo, there’s nothing they can do about it, so you can focus on just that.

best thing to do to learn to practice combos is learning to hit confirm. once you can recognise a situation where you’re free to combo all over them, you’ll be able to turn your brain over to combo mode appropriately(being in hit stun is one of those situations). learn the easy ones (they should start with low light attacks or your best pokes, with a long enough airtight chain for you to be able to hit confirm but not so many that the combo sucks) so well you can literally do them 100 times in a row both ways with your eyes shut, and once you see you’ve landed the first hit, keep going. ditto for jump ins. you should be able to hit confirm the jump in on its own(sf4), then use a combo if it hits, and jab them out if it doesn’t

can’t edit, but basically footsies will become about landing that first hit above anything else. you’ll quickly find that your best footsies tools are the ones that land you that first hit and everything else is to be used in combos or starting punishes.

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