Can dreamcast have perfects arcade ports?

because i heard there was input lag…
but i’m thinking of investing in a dreamcast and putting in my arcade cabinet for fighters and shooters.

anyway i was just wondering about a few games

Street Fighter III Double Impact
Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Project Justice
Fatal Fury: Mark of The Wolves
Last Blade 2: Final Edition
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (uppper right?)
King of Fighters Dream Match '99
Soul Calibur
Capcom VS SNK 2

let me know which ones are arcade perfect if possible. Thanks in advance

Street Fighter III Double Impact - Dunno, probably not, anyway NG and 2I sucked anyway

Power Stone - Perfect

Power Stone 2 - Perfect

Project Justice - Perfect

Fatal Fury: Mark of The Wolves - Hell no, crap on DC

Last Blade 2: Final Edition - Nope, go get a MVS or AES

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - Pretty much perfect, though anti-console Arcade players will say otherwise, but pretty much perfect

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (uppper right?) - Hell no, crap on DC

King of Fighters Dream Match '99 - What I said about MotW, LB2 and SFA3, and yeah get a MVS or AES if you want perfect NeoGeo games.

Soul Calibur - Better than perfect, you have to take in account that the original arcade Soul Calibur ran on PSone hardware but with more ram

Capcom VS SNK 2 - Perfect

Hope that helps.

hey thanks a lot sounds very good

do you know where i can buy arcade pcbs other than coinopexpress or ebay? coinopexpress is too expensive and shipping will be rape probably and ebay is never has what you’re looking for.

SF III Double Impact is such a good port, it is a better port than 3s on Xbox and PS2. Don’t know if it’s “Arcade Perfect” though.

3s is pretty screwed up on the DC though.

Soul Calibur actually didn’t run on the PS1 arcade board with more ram, it ran on the slightly advanced one that ran Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag (Tekken 1 and 2 ran on the PS1 w/ more ram, can’t remember the names of these arcade boards for the life of me). None the less the DC version blows away its arcade counterpart.

…I always heard nothing but good things about Garou on the DC but I don’t know, not really an expert on SNK/Neo Geo stuff…

Double Impact is a pretty good port from the looks of it, and how someone could say it sucks I don’t know (I had fun with it). As for King of Fighters '98, SNK doesn’t make arcade perfect console ports, they tweak things. It’s more than playable, and most people don’t complain about anything other than the fact that the music cuts off between rounds.

Oh, and I just got a copy of Mark of the Wolves for DC. I don’t know what people are talking about, it seems like an excellent port.

So far i think that saturn has the best arcade ports of fighting games. Im trying to get Street Fighter Alpha 3 on it, but it costs alot of $$$$, if any of you have a saturn and play imports on it, do you know if a gameshark for saturn enables you to play import games on american saturns, and if its a 4mb cart as well?

Nope, Tekken 1 and 2 ran on System 11 IIRC, which was just a Playstation.

Tekken 3, TTT and Soul Calibur ran on System 12, which was a Playstation with more ram.

By the way. Post this topic in the Hardware Technical Support section. You will get much help about building your arcade cabinet and what parts to use.

As far as input lag is concerned, use Madcatz Dreampad PCB’s to build your sticks. Quantum Fighter Pads are OK too, regardless of what some people say. I can give you instructions on how to hack these. Don’t use the stock Dreamcast pads to make sticks. They produce input lag on the shoulder buttons.

Gameshark will not help with imports on saturn and is not a 4mb cart. Saturn has a very weird way of validating the region (go read about the swap trick to figure out how to bypass it).

Saturn was built to be the absolute best 2D home machine, and it is. Dreamcast is more or less a Naomi system with less RAM, so a lot of games were ported but have issues with slowdowns and such.

DC Alpha 3 would’ve been a fine game if the arcade version hadn’t preceeded it. Its just been changed from the original A3 arcade game and people cry foul (similar with LB2 and MotW). Its not the same as A3 Upper either. Its similar, but not exact.

Do you not notice the character’s yells come out a tad bit after the move came out? The game runs perfectly, the sound doesn’t.

Actually some carts will enable you to bypass the Saturn region protection, I dunno if the Gameshark is one of them though… I use a 4m Action Replay 4 in 1 Plus (it’s called something like that anyway), which allows me to play games of any region. The swap trick is for playing copied games, which the Saturn handles separately from the region protection (and 50/60hz issues too).

So the Input lag is the only thing wrong with the DC version of SF3:Third Strike?

To No9176: I like your avitar with Guile punching out Remy, I really didn’t think of Remy as a wannabe Guile :).

Or that they used Terry’s kof 99 voice samples instead of his original motw (also used in kof2k3) vocals for his special moves?

Well lets see about 3s

-Bigger sprites
-Lag input
-Oro and Urien unblockables removed
-Charge buffering is alot harder
-Genei jin is messed up I think

and I thought it’d be funny to see Remy getting beat up. EDIT I’m getting props because of this av! :pleased:

I compared the arcade rom with the DC game, and to be honest, I don’t see any difference. And even if there is a slight pause compared to the arcade game, I don’t think it matters since it’s small enough to not notice. Does that really constitute it not being a good port?

They replaced his crack shot, power wave, and power dunk samples. Most likely because he doesn’t say the english names of the moves. Very minor change. Why would you even mention that?

3S on Dreamcast is not worth playing. Lack of unblockables destroys some characters games.

3s on dc is still worth playing, if you dont have a ps2. its not THAT shitty, unless you play urien or oro. other link heavy characters are harder to use, thats about it.

Saturn does indeed have some of the cleanest arcade ports. Alpha 3 on Saturn is IMO the best port graphically (DC port has that shimmer thing going on, and PS1 port is missing frames).

I used to do the swap trick back in the day, but now they make carts that are both 4-megabyte ram carts and converters, so no swapping is needed. Here’s what I use: This cart is also a cheat cart (like gameshark) and a 1 megabyte Ram cart (for SNK and some Capcom games).

Yes. Also the character portraits are smaller/distorted, color is washed out, it has the infamous “shimmer” effect so many 2d games on DC suffer from, animation frames are missing, character sprites are smaller/distorted, input lag and different timing on some moves…bleh, after playing the Xbox version for a while you REALLY notice how bad the DC one is.

There’s an Xbox version of A3??

Does it have invincibility on VC start-up like the arcade? I heard they took that out on the DC, but I never actually played it.