Can eek and mad come back pls

im talking about


i feel like none of the new emotes properly convey emotions like these ones did

I can’t see where the emoticons are listed, too.


why are we removing emoticons?

Id like to know that as well. These yahoo messenger emotes are ass

bring back the china.gif and the nunchucks dude.


Good luck getting what you want, I asked where the ‘mark all forums read’ button is like 6 months ago and I still don’t know where it is nor has the question been answered.

Dang. Stay strong in the cause brother

So now :coffee: is gone? And MORE yahoo smileys?


You mean these?

It’s okay they’re just data that can be copied.

where can i find the page that stores all the remaining smileys?

Id like to know as well


Here :karate:

Wheres eek

I miss you, tiny faces!

:coffee: is all we need


Eek and mad and coffee are the trifecta

It looks like until them, we have to be smarter than the forum’s coding.