Can EFZ be run in a window?

I’ve tried messing around with the options but haven’t had any luck, and I don’t speak Japanese. Is there an option to window Eternal Fighter Zero somewhere that i’m overlooking?

I tried searching here, but its kind of hard to get hits when the search engine leaves out the “zero” heh

I’ve never played it.

However most games have a config file that has the same name as the program. You can open this file under Wordpad or something, and you can probably see “Fullscreen=1” at the top. Change that to “Fullsreen=0” to activate window mode.

Not sure if EFZ has it (as I’ve said, never played), but maybe this will help.

well you need to step your search game up and look through the 50 billion efz thread on this site. you obviously fail at searching
step your search game up, im not going to keep doing freebies
took me all of 30 seconds to find this.

check button m4sh’s post and get to searching