Can Gouken still

Kongo cancel into Ultra? I was just thinking about how this could be an ultra guess without actually using your ultra meter. Kind of like a defensive os. The ultra only comes out if the Kongo is activated.

yes sir

Didn’t know about this, do you have a video of it?

You are sure he can do it in AE? Has anyone tested it?

That looks lethal! What does 23642364 mean?

It means :db: :d: :df: :d: :db: :d: :df: :f:

Well, not really. But the numbers do refer to his directional inputs, though I don’t know what number refers to what input. I’d assume a keyboard but it makes no sense.

If you follow my inputs you hit the punch button of the counter you want to use at the second :db: and then you hit :3p: at :f:

BTW I tested it before I went to work. It still works. I don’t know WHY this never dawned on me. I knew about it in Vanilla like most people when someone here first discovered it but I saw no practical use for it, just thought it was fancy.

Last night as I was about to go to sleep though I just had this random thought pop into my head and I was like hey wait a fuck…

If I do a counter and someone hits me I will counter. But if I did this, I’d ultra them instead.

Now, this won’t work on everything, I’m still thinking that if someone jump attacks you and you do this they will land and block before you hit but I want to test this anyway. Usually someone needs to be at the arc of their jump to hit them.

I’m thinking this would be amazing for “guess” countering. When you use counters in footsies, if you were to buffer this in and you countered say, Adon’s standing HK, you would Ultra him instead, right? Or if you are dancing with Yun at half screen distance and you correctly guess a shoulder and counter Ultra it…

I can see this being worth being able to do on command. It probably won’t help with cross ups or jump ins, but having another way to land your Ultra without randomly throwing it out kind of helps.

The beauty of it all is, if you whiff the counter at mid screen , it is basically unpunishable, but if you guess whiff an Ultra…

If it’s keyboard, then it will be QCF, Back, QCF, Back + KKK then PPP

I have no idea how that gives you a counter though…

The first part of my input is a shortcut for counter as well as the first half of the Ultra shortcut input.

:db: :d: :df: :d: :db: = counter and first half of the Ultra input
:d: :df: :f: = second half of Ultra input

Must be typo by desora24 then.

No, he probably really does it that way. Inputs are pretty god damn lenient.

Yea man its definitely possible. I accidently got one to come out in a match a few days and just got it to happen again in training room. I use different inputs than Desora and also just use negative edge from the triple punches.

Here’s another video on it from borawserboxer.

Yeah that was the original video I remember seeing. Against fireballs it is just dumb, but for whatever reason, like I said, it just randomly came to me that it’s a way to randomly throw an Ultra without using your Ultra. If your counter gets tagged, boom Ultra, if not, then you just have to deal with the chance you MIGHT get punished for a random counter.

It’s def something I will work on, I’d be REALLY interested in seeing if it works on or c.lp or anything where someone is trying to crouch tech.

AAAARGH someone test it out on Bison for me!!! I’m stuck at work for hours still!!!

Whoops. Probably should have read everything first as it seems you confirmed the cancel as well. :slight_smile: But I know it will work on jump-ins like Ken’s roundhouse. You counter them while they are in the air, then they land right in front of you just like you focus absorb an attack,and then bam ultra pops them. I haven’t tested it really at all, this is just what I know from match experience. I have armor cancelled and missed the ultra though, so I’m guessing it won’t work everytime you cancel depending on the conditions. Not sure If its possible in AE still, but you could cancel into Denjin too in Super.

Here a match of desora using it at end of rd 1


This will work on a meaty bison, and it will be awesome to use in block strings where an Ultra might swallow an input and cause your opponent to do nothing. It’s SUPER freaking easy to do on wakeup or out of a block string.

Sadly, it doesn’t work on jumpins. I tried it on a viper, it absorbed then Ultra’ed but it is too slow for jump ins. WHich brings me to my next conern, is something liek Balrog’s cr.lp too fast to be hit by this? Will he recover before the Ultra becomes active?

It seems to me that Balrog would would recover before it becomes active. Balrog’s cr.lp is active 2 frames and recovers in 5, while Shinsho comes out in 11.

Looks like it is time to analyze frame data to find out who this is useful against!

it sucks vs light attacks

Sucks against some medium attacks too! CRAP!

which narrows it down to hard attacks and non-armor breakers at that…

i could do so -so in vanilla but after striking out on so many scenarios i put this in the …hope this becomes an ultra someday section