Can I Block Quitters?

Can I block a rage quitter so they dont show up in my ranked matches anymore?

I doubt it, though there should be little to no chance of you seeing them so much that it makes a difference.

Can’t you just remember the name and avoid them?

Add them to your block list and see if they ever come up again =P

I had 2 or 3 quit on me last night and it frustrated me. Especially since my loss ratio is bigger than my win ratio, I need all the wins i can get. lol I play so many people every night, it’s difficult to remember who quit and who didnt…

It would be much more convenient if the block list stopped them from playing me in the ranked. Plus, eventually, the quitter would run out of opponents.

I had a few last night.

i just messeged them saying “lol pussy” when they rage quit on me lol

If you block a user on your XMB? menu, you shouldn’t be able to run into him again in any game.

Just confirmed, that blocking quitters won’t stop them from appearing in your ranked matches.

I just had mrsassou (…mrsaddou) trying to challenge me again, so I just booted him with a :annoy: face … (although I would have preferred a :arazz: face if it was in there)