Can I bring this stick back to life?

As topic reads… I love this stick but I don’t know if it’s possible to find the parts to bring her back to tip top shape. Would be for a fun project if somebody could point me in the right direction for these parts, or suggest I do something else with it, any help/ideas would be awesome.

No top panel screws, I need replacements.

Joystick wiring harness broke.

Missing back panel, also front panel screw nuts that go inside.

Missing PS2 cord, specific connector as shown.

halp D:

easy enough to do and fix.

joystick cable just splice it back together

for the ps cable, find a spare ps extension cable, cut it and then solder it to the pins
i’m not sure which cable goes where though

Awesome, I unscrewed the PCB and checked the joystick wiring harness, each individual wire looks like it was hot glued, was expecting to see solder. Could I just hotglue the broken off wire instead of going out to buy a soldering iron?

They probably hot glue over the solder, you sure there’s no solder underneath the glue? I wouldn’t hot glue a wire onto a pcb without solder personally but you can try it if u like.

For any replacement top panels you can try Blk Lighting or (art hobbies)
I think Blk Lighting can do the bottom panel as well but ask him first.

You can get some decent replacement top panel screws from Tek-inovations, and get there Hrap top loader kit.
If you want easy top access. If you want you screws to look stock then get the carriage bolts (and nuts) from Lizard Lick.

Yeah, double checked it is soldered under the glue - sorry about that. Now my main concern is finding a cord for the pcb. Looks like my only choice is to find a random playstation controller and use that cord? Cut it and solder the wires to the 8 connector, anybody know if there’s a specific order or easier way?

Awesome, I will be buying the top panel and top panel screws he has. :slight_smile:

You can get a PS1/PS2 extension cord, it would be easier than getting a whole PS2 controller.

Check this thread and skip over to the PS2 cord section.

That would be the pin configuration for the cord. As for the PCB end, you have to look that up your self.

You could try finding in the Trading Outlet for the PS2 cord. I recall someone selling one but that was months ago.

Yeah up a thread in there. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems complicated, though maybe it does because I’m terrible with all this.

Send it to gummowned. He will put a RJ-45 jack and make it look godlike.