Can I buy an already modded PS2?

My PS2 recently broke. I’m looking into buying a new one. I really want to play import games. Especially Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2. The arcade near me only has the first version of S!AH2. Do any sites have sell an already modded PS2? So I don’t have to use Swap Magic?

Let me refer you to one of the Forum Rules:

12. Do NOT discuss anything illegal. This includes roms, emulation(do not ask for help on obtaining roms or getting them to work), mod chips, pirated games, etc. Also talking about where or how to do it, is also prohibited. Those threads WILL be closed without notice, and/or the violator may be banned.

Ok sorry about that.

If you like playing the arcade version of AH2, you will be SORELY disappointed with the PS2 version.

I know what to expect with the PS2 version. I’ve already braced myself for it.