Can I change my SRK username?

This pertains to computers right? I couldnt think of a better forum to ask this in… Im trying to unify my internet identity to a single name. Is there a mod who can assist me?

MrWiz does it sometimes. When he does it’s at Christmas and it’s in exchange for buying a year of prem.

I cant tell if your serious, though I was planning on going premium.

What was you thinking about when you decided to have that username?

Diet lime sodas? Terry Bogard? High profile corporate mergers? What were you thinking about when you made yours?

Yes. I was 100% serious. Christmas time with reward for being year of prem.

My main in UMK3 :slight_smile: Not the most original one, but is cool :woot:

someone ask me what i was thinking when i made mine.

So Erik, what were you thinking when you came up with your name?

I can confirm. I’ve had my name changed now.